Friday, 17 January 2014

Boohoo, ASOS & Ebay Haul!

I've done a not so little bit of shopping I thought I'd combine them together because I'm always wayyy behind on these kinds of posts D: Enjoy!

This is my first time shopping with Boohoo and they were having their super sale on so of course, I picked up a few bargains! So far, I must say that I really like the things I got and they're good quality for the price I paid! They're offering free UK delivery right now!

Jemima Cut Work Detail Bag (in orange) : £7.00

I actually got this for my sister's Christmas present. I wasn't too sure about this to begin with on the site, but I loved the cut out details. This came bigger than I expected (I thought it was going to be a small cute crossbody bag) but I actually like it because it is big enough to hold the essentials and just great for a day out. The website says orange, but it's clearly not - more of a rusty red. Slightly darker than the picture above - the website gives a better representation

Charlotte Stud Detail Shoulder Bag (in cream): £8.00 (sold out)

I've always wanted a satchel, but could never justify the enormous price tag that comes with it. I originally wanted one that was big enough to fit all my books and school stuff but of course, this was quite smaller than I imagined (my mistake, as I didn't look at the measurements!) but it turned out for the better! I find it cute and compact. I'll admit that the leather does feel quite cheap and that it might come off anytime soon, but I loved the neutral cream colour which can be paired with virtually anything. It's sold out now, but THIS one is almost exactly the same, although in orange.

Maxi Skirt: £6.00 (sold out) // Teal Jumper: £10.00 (now £6.00)  // Wrap Front Skort: £12.00

I love love love that maxi skirt! And it was such a steal at £6 only! So of course I had to get it. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's sheer, with nude shorts underneath so you don't flash anyone. I'm petite so I thought maxi skirt would swallow up my small frame but I actually find that maxi skirts give the illusion of elongated legs which is gooood. This was my Christmas Eve Outfit so you can see how it looks on me. I got it in the Size 10 (I'm an 8) because that was the only size left. Although a tad loose around the waist, I just fold the band down and it's fineeee.

I love the teal colour of this jumper - only thing was, I took an M cause I was going for the whole oversized look, but it turns out M was a Size 14 so...the jumper is a bit too oversized...oops :/ Ohhh well, it's cosy :D

I got this because I've always wanted the Zara skort that I've seen a gazillion people wear. AND I ADORE IT. It works with almost anything. It's made of cotton whilst I think the Zara ones are made of something else...but it's still a good dupe! The Boohoo site has them in every colour of the rainbow(not kidding) and I think i want one all of them...just a heads up, don't be surprised if I do :P

Heels: £15.50 (sold out in this colour) // Denim shirt in light wash£7.00 (now £6.00)

Didn't get much from ASOS this time round - just a couple of things. I don't really have super high heels due to my inability to balance so this would be my first pair! My previous ones were either wedges or kitten heels. I wanted a nude-ish pair and I like that this had ankle straps so there's no fear of your feet falling out when you're walking - I hate that. You can see it in action in this outfit post. I'm planning on wearing these to graduation in May which means I need a bit loads of practice.They're sold out in this colour, but you can get them in black or ecru/teal 

Can you believe that I do not have a chambray shirt until now? I thought I'd invest in one. I like my shirts more oversized so this is a Size 10 and I think the faded, light denim colour is really nice. I see it being a great summer/spring piece.

(green & hot pink): £3.05/US$1.58 each

On Ebay, I just picked up a few jewellery pieces because honestly, you can't find any jewellery that's cheaper
then Ebay! I'm loving statement necklaces lately because they instantly dress up and change any outfit! I've been 
wearing my gold chunky chain one a lot lately and it just makes it seem like I've put some effort/thought into
my outfit when I really haven't. I love monochromatic colours as you can tell from this wishlist and this would
be great with a colourful outfit. I bought this bracelets for less than US$1 each on a bid and they'll be great
when I want some fun, neon, bright arm candy.


As you guys know, I'm crazy about rings. And since these were around £0.99 or US$1, how could I say no? These would be great addition to my ring collection. You
can't really go wrong with rings, but the leaf one kind of disappointed me as the quality isn't as good as it 
looked on the picture. As I've got small fingers, I'm glad that these are small enough for it to go pass the knuckle 
because most rings just slip off D: Alternatively, if you've got larger fingers, they can be worn as midi rings.

£1.12 for 8 rings is a really good price! I also liked the different words engraved on it. You can wear 
these separately or stacked up and they'll look just as good! Some of these are a tad small, for even
someone like me with tiny fingers so it'll probably be better midi rings. The only issue I have with this
is that some words are engraved on properly or as neatly which kind of sucks because the picture 
looked so good and that just decreases the quality.

Officially done with mock exams yayyy! Don't think I did very well...but hey, room for improvement before the real one (:
What is your favourite item? Have you bought anything great lately?

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