Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #21 // A little bit of Whimsicality

I think whimsical  is my new favourite word - I love the connotations of it, as well as how it sounds! I've been using the word rather excessively lately...and it's not coincidence that my Tumblr URL is whimsicalparadigm :P

In the middle of mock exams - I have 3 left! Yayyy! Today was not a great day. The English mock wasn't too hard, BUT my laptop refused to start until after like half an hour (should really get to changing that battery pack) and I lost my glasses on the bus! D: D: Thank goodness I'm short sighted so it's not that bad, but I better find it, or it's gonna be super uncomfortable D:
Anyway, I digress. Apart from Harry Potter fandom things, here are some of my favourite things in my Ebay basket lately!

1. Floral Maxi Skirt : £6.98 // US$ 11.49
How gorgeous is this?! Not only are the colours pastel and so flowy but the floral print is just as gorgeous - I can see this being perfect for spring especially, but it'll work in winter as well (:

2. Paisley Printed Smock Dress£6.12 // US$ 10.07
I've been coveting this for ages and I actually just bought this - shhhh ;) I've never really found the perfect smock dress online because a) I didn't like the print or b) I'm tiny, and all the ones I've found end at an awkward length D: But not this one! If the measurements are what they say they are, this dress would be perfect (hopefully) It actually looks a lot like this Motel Rocks Paisley Blue Babydoll Dress but for a fraction of the price!

3. Flaming Sun & Crescent Moon Necklace : £4.85 // US$ 7.98
I'm a huge fan of anything galatical or astronomy related. This Motel Rocks Sun Moon Stars Babydoll Dress? Yea, I've been wanting this for ages but the price tag is a tad out of my range :P So this will have to suffice!

4. Floral Top : £5.22 // US$ 8.59
I've been loving florals a lot lately and well, you can never have too many! This can be paired with endless things (:

5. Leather Messenger Crossbody Bag : £5.87 // US$ 9.66
I love the neon colour of this bag - it'd be a great accessory for any neutral outfit! And the size would be perfect to fit all essentials!

Oh and, does anyone think that Mr Fitz is super creepy in the latest Pretty Little Liars? I really hope that girls find out soon :/
Which one of these are your favourite?

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