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Review // Lime Crime Velvetine in 'Red Velvet'

This is super duper overdue since I received it about 2-3 months ago...oops :/
I was really happy when I found out that I won a giveaway for any Lime Crime product (I'm trying to find the blogger, but after searching through hundreds of pages of my email archive, I really couldn't find them! So sorry!  edit: I won this from the lovely Daniella @ Polkadella - thank you so much by the way!) Lime Crime is well known for their funky, 'out of this world' kind of shades, but if you know me, I tend to stick to subtle.

However, I've been coming across tons of reviews of Lime Crime's Velvetine and so decided to get one in the shade 'Red Velvet' because I don't have any bright red shades in my collection and well, it was time to try something new.

What Lime Crime says:

Lip stain that goes on liquid and dries completely matte. Touch-proof, long-wearing, and utterly addictive!


Your bog-standard lip gloss tube but look at that frosted effect and admire it. Together with the whimsical drawings on the lid and the font used, it looks magical and sort of reminds me of a circus/carnival - heck, look at the box itself!

The applicator is nothing special to be honest, but it serves its purposes (:


There's not distinct scent to this so for those that like scent-less products, this is for you!
The formula is exactly like the description suggests and just like how all liquid lipsticks are. From the swatch above, you can see that the top is still slightly wet whilst the bottom has dried and gone matte. 

It goes on liquid and you can spread it around but when it's dried, the finish is matte and there's no budging it! And believe me, it dries quite quickly so... work fast! With one swipe, it's already really opaque (see above) so that's all I really need personally, as the coverage is rather even as well . But feel free to put more coats if it's not. As this product is so pigmented and dries super quickly, precision is key when applying! So use this only if you have access to a mirror or it can get messy :/

As this is the first matte product I own, I can't really compare. When it's on, it doesn't feel uncomfortable or feel like I've got anything on! It also doesn't completely suck all the moisture out of your lips like leeches or highlight your dry patches, but I'd still recommend putting on lip balm and exfoliating your lips beforehand.

The wear time of this is really good! There is slight transfer if it comes into contact with food/liquids but other than that, it truly doesn't budge which means minimal touch ups! However, after about 5/6 hours with eating&drinking, I find that it can be a little uneven and patchy (but this is only really minor). That being said, it also means that you can't just wash this off with water. Oh no, you gotta use makeup remover and quite a bit of it too!

Oh and, it somehow makes my teeth appear whiter (maybe it's just me? :P) and it's also vegan & cruelty freeeeee!

Final Verdict:

The price for this is quite steep (well, for me because I rarely splurge on such items) US$20 or £13.50, but I do suppose you get your money's worth.
 Despite me being not too comfortable with such bright colours, I actually really like it. As you can see, the colour is the classic bright bold red (definitely not the deep, almost burgundy colour the website has) which can be worn with almost any outfit and definitely dresses things up! I've only worn it out once before (need that courage) but will definitely be using it more often. If you're looking for a 'hollywood' kind of red, this is it!

Have you tried any Lime Crime products? What's your verdict on them?

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