Sunday, 9 February 2014

Through the Lens #2

one. lunch with my cousins - so glad to get to see them because it's a rare occasion! 
two. first day of spring = raw eggs can stand? post here
three. pastel pink nails! undetected during school & keeping in with the spring trend!
four. delicious hue delicacies, freshly wrapped rolls 
five. I gave my boring key a makeover via nail polish so I won't lose it (:
six. got bored so washi-taped my switches. I think the polka dot print is quite cute, don't you?
seven. the skyline view (:
eight. currently reading: The Moral Instruments - City of Ashes. So far, it's a great read!
nine. sneak peek of the 'Valentine's Day' series coming up very very very soon!

The Craziest Paradigm's posts this week:

'The First Day of Spring' - According to the Lunar Calendar, this is the only day raw eggs can stand! We gave that theory a try ;)
'Guest Post // Top 5 fashion books' - From Chanel to Diana Vreeland to Karl Lagerfield, these are the books to read if you're a fashion addict!
'Lunar New Year '14 in Snapshots' - My lunar new year (my last one before university!) endeavours in picture form (:

Hope you had a great week!

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