Sunday, 23 February 2014

Through The Lens #4

one. the view from up here (aka, my room)
two. strawberry sorbet doesn't get any better than this
three. milk tea makes school bearable :D
four. this is meant to be a vanilla scented candle handmade by the lower sixth formers. Haven't tried burning it yet though!
five. new in! A floral jumper c/o Persunmall (post here) & a customized houndstooth skirt I won from Tasha Delrae
six. analysing Antigone for English is a huge pain.
seven. graduation photos! Can't believe I"ll be actually wearing these gowns in 3 months!
eight. my makeshift 'skirt over dress' for my friend's 18th!
nine. the wonderful nighttime skyline view of Ho Chi Minh City from the skybar :')

The Craziest Paradigm's posts this week:

'NEW IN // Cropped Floral Long Sleeve Jumper' - I think the title says it all. Oh and, it's absolutely gorgeous ;)
'OUTFIT // Somewhere Only We Know' - Windswept hair and a floral jumper makes me a happy person :')

I'm going to change my theme to make it more minimalist real soon! So if you check back and see that it's sort of different, you'll know why (:

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