Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Valentine's Gift Guide: Homemade Edition

Sometimes, the best gifts are handmade and homemade - there's really no need to splurge on anything! After all, it's the thought that counts ;)
(if you would like to see my outdoors/picnic Valentine Day look, click here)

*Note: NONE of these tutorials are mine as I found them all on Pinterest - credits go to their respective owners. Click on the links to go to the respective tutorials*

For the DIY-er

I find this so cool! Imagine cracking open an egg and finding a little note inside. Very simple tutorial which means you can make more than one - maybe let him/her go on a treasure hunt? ;) Unleash the creativity and paint the egg shells as you desire!
Choose your own background - it can be a funky pattern or a saying. Put it in a frame and you can write whatever you want on the glass. The best part - it's reusable!
If you have any spare or broken crayons lying around, this would be the perfect gift. Melt and mould them into psychedlic hearts.
A similar take on the message in side the egg, but this time, it's edible! Decorate the takeaway box to suit the season. After all, everyone loves fortune cookies.

For the: Creative Mind

Quite a dangerous task so take caution, but otherwise, really cool.
A cute novelty idea!
A lovely keepsake to commemorate all the memories as well as a pretty awesome room decor (:
Possibly the easiest one out there - all you need are blank mugs and sharpies! Be as creative, witty and quirky as you want and transform that plain mug into a masterpiece. Google has loads of inspiration if you're stuck for ideas. Don't forget to bake it for a while afterwards!

For the: Sweet-Tooth

If your girl/guy likes all things sugar-y, sometimes, it's okay to give them what they want - whether it is small munch-worthy treats or a large cake all for themselves!

Hope you gained some inspiration for what to do this Valentine's Day - whether you're spending it with special someone, family or friends! Love knows no bounds ;)

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