Sunday, 2 February 2014

Through My Lens #1

As part of trying new things this year, I've decided to do a 'Through My Lens' post either weekly or fortnightly. Of course, I always post these (and much more) on my Facebook page and Twitter so do follow those to keep up with me!

one. the gorgeous evening view from the new apartment

two. new minion earrings that I bought from the lower sixth forms for their business enterprise challenge - how cute are they!

three. my Prairie Charms goodies arrived! You can take a look at how I style them here

four. off to Malaysia to celebrate Lunar New Year!

five. the newest addition to my extended family - the cutest little cousin ever

six. the cake that my sisters handmade from scratch (well sort of...the fondant was store bought :P) The chinese character on the top (福) means "luck" I will update on my new year happenings in a whole blog post soon!

seven. nails of the day (:

eight. debuting my new red dress on the first day of lunar new year! Traditionally, you're meant to wear red because in a Chinese legend, red is the colour that scared off the monster that tormented the village every year. Of course, I don't mind - red's a great colour ;) Didn't have time to take outfit post this trip, but I'll be sure to put them up soon!

nine. bought 6 new nail my defence they were such a great price and well, I love the colours. There's only 4 pictured here, but check out my Facebook for the other shades! I'll also be wearing them quite often :P

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'#PrairieXmas' - Review of the goodies I received from Prairie Charms as well as a little hair inspiration!
'Hello February, Goodbye January' - January in review - both bloggy and life-wise

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