Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Celebration: 3rd Anniversary & New Blog Layout

If you followed me on Twitter, you would know that today marks our 3 years anniversary with the wonderful boyfriend and that he got me a pretty amazing gift (see below) - considering he is 10199.45km away (yes, I googled) Now I don't talk much about my private life on my blog because I'm not that comfortable doing so. but...I'll make an exception for today. 
(Background: We've been in a long distance relationship for 1-2 years now since he's studying in the UK whilst I'm in Vietnam...so we only get to see each other every few months)

Btw, he's a massive Arsenal fan which explains the beanie :P

(Don't mind my locker, it's like a whirlwind struck)
Anyway, this was the surprise I got in my locker this morning. 3 bouquet of roses for 3 years - geddit? I wasn't expecting anything since he's still far far away in the UKso this definitely was a good surprise - turns out he planned it with a mutual friend :')
I love you a lottle brah - see, now the whole world knows ;)

On another celebratory note (but of less importance of course), you may or may not have noticed... I changed my blog layout! 

I wanted a more professional, minimalist and clean looking blog design so I scoured Etsy for a simple and cheap template (only $25) and then proceeded the self-customization process because I wanted to add a bit more colour and vibrance to make this more me. I made myself a new, simple yet colourful header (very me, I must say) as well as a new social media icons as I wanted it to be a paler pink to match the ethereal feel. Next stop: change the category buttons because it's bugging me.

What do you guys think of the new blog layout? 

P.S:  I would love it if you like my Facebook page

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