Thursday, 27 February 2014

WISHLIST #23 // Bloom in Spring

I haven't done a wishlist in ages...but since spring is coming, I thought a spring-themed (read: florals) wishlist is in order. Floral prints is something that you just can't go wrong with!

1. Vintage Round Neck Floral Print Dress (US$ 26.99 // £ 16.94)

If I'm not mistaken, I believe this is an ASOS dupe (heck, I can even remember vaguely seeing it on the website and the label says ASOS if you look closely!) but of course, for a mere fraction of the price!
Very out of my comfort zone - the print and colours are very vibrant (aka, perfect for spring) but that also means that attention grabbing is at risk ;) Going to any parties?

2. Stylish Marble Print Mini Skirt (US$ 24.99 // £ 15.68)

I know this is not strictly floral prints but I love need this so badly that it had to be included! I love the asymmetric hem and the blend of monochromatic colours. Absolutely adore this. Perfect to 'sophisticate-up' any and all looks. *mentally adds to basket*

3. Stylish Flower Print Coat (US$28.99 // £ 18.19)

I've been on the hunt for floral bomber jackets for a while now and this might just be the one. Lovely moody floral print in my opinion is the best outerwear to just throw on when you need a hint of colour/print or when you need something lightweight on those chilly days/nights. Gorgeous sums this up!

4. Retro Printed Sleeves Chiffon Shirt (US$19.99 // £ 12.55)

Can you believe that I do not have a black long-sleeved chiffon blouse? This also means that I am looking for one! This floral printed sleeves one definitely makes any normal black blouse look so boring in comparison and just adds a nice touch to an otherwise formal look.

5. Sweet Daisy Print Long Sleeve Dress (US$24.99 // £ 15.68)

Now this is more me. So how many times have you seen a daisy printed dress? Well one more can never hurt! As opposed to the first dress, this one is definitely more understated, but don't underestimate it! On those casual spring strolls, you'll be glad you're wearing this simple yet oh-so-cute number! After all, you can never have enough daisy printed items.

All these items were from Persunmall which is offering free shipping if you like their Facebook page! And they've got some great pieces at great prices (examples above) so do check out Persunmall for more if the ones above do not float your boat (:

Oh and, finished my real Chinese orals today. They didn't go too I'm unsure whether it's at the high/low range - fingers crossed!

Which one is your favourite?

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Celebration: 3rd Anniversary & New Blog Layout

If you followed me on Twitter, you would know that today marks our 3 years anniversary with the wonderful boyfriend and that he got me a pretty amazing gift (see below) - considering he is 10199.45km away (yes, I googled) Now I don't talk much about my private life on my blog because I'm not that comfortable doing so. but...I'll make an exception for today. 
(Background: We've been in a long distance relationship for 1-2 years now since he's studying in the UK whilst I'm in we only get to see each other every few months)

Btw, he's a massive Arsenal fan which explains the beanie :P

(Don't mind my locker, it's like a whirlwind struck)
Anyway, this was the surprise I got in my locker this morning. 3 bouquet of roses for 3 years - geddit? I wasn't expecting anything since he's still far far away in the UKso this definitely was a good surprise - turns out he planned it with a mutual friend :')
I love you a lottle brah - see, now the whole world knows ;)

On another celebratory note (but of less importance of course), you may or may not have noticed... I changed my blog layout! 

I wanted a more professional, minimalist and clean looking blog design so I scoured Etsy for a simple and cheap template (only $25) and then proceeded the self-customization process because I wanted to add a bit more colour and vibrance to make this more me. I made myself a new, simple yet colourful header (very me, I must say) as well as a new social media icons as I wanted it to be a paler pink to match the ethereal feel. Next stop: change the category buttons because it's bugging me.

What do you guys think of the new blog layout? 

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Through The Lens #4

one. the view from up here (aka, my room)
two. strawberry sorbet doesn't get any better than this
three. milk tea makes school bearable :D
four. this is meant to be a vanilla scented candle handmade by the lower sixth formers. Haven't tried burning it yet though!
five. new in! A floral jumper c/o Persunmall (post here) & a customized houndstooth skirt I won from Tasha Delrae
six. analysing Antigone for English is a huge pain.
seven. graduation photos! Can't believe I"ll be actually wearing these gowns in 3 months!
eight. my makeshift 'skirt over dress' for my friend's 18th!
nine. the wonderful nighttime skyline view of Ho Chi Minh City from the skybar :')

The Craziest Paradigm's posts this week:

'NEW IN // Cropped Floral Long Sleeve Jumper' - I think the title says it all. Oh and, it's absolutely gorgeous ;)
'OUTFIT // Somewhere Only We Know' - Windswept hair and a floral jumper makes me a happy person :')

I'm going to change my theme to make it more minimalist real soon! So if you check back and see that it's sort of different, you'll know why (:

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Saturday, 22 February 2014

OUTFIT // Somewhere Only We Know


sweater: c/o Persunmall (US$14.99)// jeans: kitschen (similar + similar)// wedges: new look // bag: boutique in Malaysia // necklace: ebay (£1.35) // rings: ebay

"And if you have a minute why don't we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go
Somewhere only we know?
Somewhere only we know?"
- Somewhere Only We Know - Keane

I showed this lovely large floral printed cropped jumper here when I first received it, courtesy of Persunmall and now here I am wearing it! I love how the pink and blue contrasts over the black background and this piece is just an incredibly versatile one. This time, I paired it with simple jeans, but I think you'll be seeing loads more of this ;) 
Persunmall sells wholesale clothing at really reasonable prices - you can even get this jumper in sky blue if there's more your style! However, this jumper is free size so do check the measurements beforehand. I'm a UK 8/10 and this gives me a relaxed slouchy look. The shipping took a while (about a month), but they quality is great and I'm really loving this (: Do check out their items!

Anyway, forgive my wind-swept hair - there were sudden gusts of wind which actually worked well in giving my hair some much needed volume. Sorry for the change in lighting, the sunlight was being funky.
Yesterday was my friend's 18th birthday. 3 words - champagne, pink limo, skybar. Yepp, that's all I need to describe a truly awesome night!

Oh and, school photos absolutely sucked.

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