Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Web-hunting Wednesday #2 // eBay + 100th post!

This is my 100th post! Wheeeeee! Mini dance party time (: And can you believe it's the last day of July?! Where did all that time go? O.o
Anyway, here are some of my favourite eBay finds so far:

1. Asymmetric Leopard Chiffon Skirt (£ 4.93 + FREE P&P)

I love asymmetric skirts because it's a cross between a maxi and mini and it's just a little bit more unique - especially with that leopard print! Not quite sure if it's a dress or skirt as the description is vague... but I'm going to go with skirt (:

2. Tote/Backpack (£ 4.59 + £ 2.99 P&P)

I LOVE this bag! It can be both carried as a tote or a backpack just by adjusting the straps. How awesome, handy and versatile is that! Comes in three colours - white; caramel;coffee - and they're all lovely I can't decide! Would be great for bringing to school as it looks big enough or during vacation.

3. Striped Espadrilles (£ 4.99 + FREE P&P)

Aren't these striped espadrilles gorgeous? The seller also offers loads of other designs! Great for slipping on when you're at the beach, on holiday or when you're in a rush - perfect. And at that price? Bargain.

4. Flower Elastic Headband (£ 0.99 + FREE P&P)

I'm starting to love wearing headbands as it's like jewellery for your hair and is great for keeping hair out of your eyes - something I need! This is very elegant and dainty which makes it perfect for more formal events - and at such a low price too!

Are there any bargains you've found lately?

P.S: Linking up with Friday's Fab Favourites

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

I would first like to thank Birdie for nominating me! I love these kinds of awards because you get to know the person behind the blog for who they are and not the kind of things they usually write about.

I know this is a little overdue, but here it is!
Hope you guys will know me a bit better (:

7 things about me:

1. I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I have spell wars with my sisters, we even try to name every single character in the books and my dream is to go to Harry Potter world in Florida. Yea...I'm a Potterhead

2. I'm a sucker for romantic, cliched things and happy endings

3. I cry very easily during movies

4. I'm a thrifter and dislike spending a whole load of $$ on just one thing

5. 7 is my lucky number!

6. I'm really quiet and I like others to make the first move, but once you REALLY get to know me, you may think I'm a ball of crazy

7. I'm aiming to go to the UK for university to study Economics or Accounting & Finance

People I nominate (sorry it's not quite 15!)

Yea... I can't think of anyone else right now :/ But feel free to do the tag, and leave your link below!

P.S: Those nominated, if you don't do the tag, I won't be offended! (:

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Monday, 29 July 2013


As you can probably tell from the post title with CAPS and repetitive exclamation marks, I am quite excited about this.

This little gift came as a surprise. A big, awesome surprise. Remember how I wrote about it in THIS post? And how I've always wanted one? Well apparently, the boyfriend does scroll through my blog sometimes and came across that post. So for our 2 years and 5 months, he got me one! Wheeeeee! It was probably the most amazing surprise ever.  (Thanks brah!)

How gorgeous is that?! I think it comes in pink, blue and white... but he knew I liked my pinks ;)
It's more modernized (clearly) than those vintage polaroid cameras but hey, I ain't complaining - this one is awesome.

The flash is super duper bright when you take a photo - mark my words

The little screen on the top right is what you use to look through. There's no screen (like most polaroid cameras) so if you wish to take selfies, aim it at yourself, take a shot and pray it turns out well :P
I guess that's all part of the fun (:

It has different settings for different locations. I think it affects the brightness of the flash so the picture won't turn out too bright or dark (:

The slot where the film comes out

My first few shots - the boyfriend himself and my two sisters 

L-R: I think he looks professional there; A little bit too much exposure...; Skyline view of Ho Chi Mi

Somehow, pictures always look better in polaroid form and how awesome did these turn out! It's like an automatic filter :D
When the film first comes out, it's blank. But the picture will slowly appear before your very eyes and that is possibly the best part of the whole thing.
I love this camera sooooo much - if you can't already tell. I think it's going to be my new baby, it's precious & I'm going to have so much fun with it, heheh ;)
To the boyfriend:

Do you have a polaroid camera? 
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Sunday, 28 July 2013

OOTD // B is for Bohemian Pants (Part 1/2)

Ever heard of the Alphabet Challenge?
Every week, simply create a blogpost starting with the letter of the alphabet.

To join:
1) Email your name and blog URL to with the title "The Alphabet Challenge".
2) Further instructions will be given through email reply.

This week's letter is 'B'.
B is for Bohemian Pants

Tank top: Esprit
Bohemian pants: Bought in Vietnam - unbranded
Cardigan: Bought in Vietnam - unbranded

Bohemian pants, gypsy pants, Aladdin pants, harem it what you want, but these pants are the most comfortable thing on earth. I was hesitant at first to get it because both my mum and the boyfriend didn't really like it but it was 100,000 VND (£3.10 or US$4.70) so I thought it wouldn't hurt. 
The material is extremely light and flowy which makes moving around very easy! It also cinches at the ankles to give a more defined look. I'm also in love with the aztec-y print!

I actually wore this outfit to the airport - in case you can't tell by the change in environment, I'm in Malaysia now! - and it's perfect for sitting on the plane. Of course, the pants were the star of the show so I just paired it with a simple, plain tank top and cardigan. 

If I could, I would wear this all day. Great for lounging around on those lazy days or maybe even dress it up for casual outings! I think this pair will be my go-to traveling pants :D Heheh

Here's a close up:

The waistband is elastic so it's adjustable (:

Such a lovely print (:

Anyway, here's how my packing process went:

1. Throw everything you think you should bring on the bed

2. Eliminate ones that you may not wear/ Pack versatile pieces, fold and voila!

Random selfie.

Of course, I couldn't get off the plane without taking some cloud photos. Aren't they so pretty and fluffy? Always wondered how they stay suspended...

I have a bittersweet feeling about coming to Malaysia for summer holiday though... I love seeing my relatives and do a bit of shopping (Summer Sale anyone?) but this also means that I won't get to see the boyfriend until 4.5 months later :(

Link up your alphabet post

 How is your summer coming along?

Part 2 is HERE

P.P.S: Linking up with Style Sessions

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

OOTD // Edge of Glory

Blouse: Kitschen
Shorts: Forever 21
Belt: Brands Outlet
Bag: Gifted by Mum from  Bangkok

The blouse is one of my favourites because I do not have anything else like it in my closet! I love the coral colour, the shoulder cut outs and (not sure if you can see clearly) the crochet neckline detail. Untucked, it's very flowy and billowy that to me, it has a hippie/bohemian feel to it! This blouse is quite long... reaches to the bottom of the shorts so you can see why I decided to tuck it in!

Playing with my NEW POLAROID CAMERA (it's in CAPS which clearly shows my excitement) which I will be blogging about shortly!

A closer look at my shorts - it's not so clear here, but it's a little tie-dyed. I especially like the bottoms because it's distressed, but not OVERLY distressed.
Sorry about my phone in the pocket - forgot I had it there!

Nails: Jordana 'In Love'
Rings: Boutique in Malaysia

One of my favourite bags - if you can't already tell!

Excuse the fly-aways! I decided to gather my front hair together and clipped it with this gold clip for an effortless look (: 
(I actually took the clip out later because it was bugging me... I need to find better clips.)

I wore this outfit when hanging out with the boyfriend. We went for lunch at Tokyo Deli which was REALLY GOOD! Played a round of bowling (our tradition) which I won by 1 point! Wheeeee! Walked around town for a bit, snuck up to a rooftop to take some amazing pictures - which I will be posting soon!

Hope you guys have days as great as mine (:

P.S: Linking up with Friday's Five + Simple Easy Style

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Guest Blogger Friday // Earring Organizer

Hey guys, it's almost the weekend! Wheeeee! 

Every Friday, I have a guest blogger on my blog to write about anything they desire and to share their inspirations and favourites with everyone else! If you are interested in guest blogging, simply email me for at:

For my guest blogger today, I have: 
Becky from My Beauty Edit


Got a messy earring collection? Want to finally sort it out?

Read on to find out how I do it.

I used to keep my earrings in a really old, tattered box but then, when I received some earrings from Accessorize I had a little lightbulb moment. I could get bits of paper or card and poke my earrings through to create the same shape of the factory made set holders. For my earring holders I used an old primark label, cut it in half and began to poke the earrings through.

Watch out! I pricked my fingers a few times.

For other accessories such as bracelets, get a slightly large piece of card depending on the size of the bracelet, using scissors cut two small slits either side of the card and wrap the bracelet around it.

There you have it, a way to organise your accessories neatly! Now all you have to do is find a nice place to put then and line them all up.  

Hope you enjoyed my guest post for Yuen's wonderful blog, please go and check out my blog at there you will find other reviews, DIY's, hauls etc.
Becky xoxo

Thank you Becky for the creative methods in keeping your jewellery organized!

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

How to: Everlasting Lipstick

Recently, I had the pleasure of guest posting for Laura @ A Scottish Lass who owns one of my favourite blogs in the blogosphere (so I highly recommend you go check her blog out!)

So I thought I'd share what I guest posted about here for my readers (:

As a girl, a lip stick is often a must. They come in so many shades and finishes that there's something for everyone! But what most people dislike is touching up during the day. 

What if there isn't a mirror? Or if there isn't enough time? 
Here are some quick steps to ensure that your lipstick lasts:

1. Scrub it 
 Use a lip scrub or a toothbrush to gently remove the dead, dry skin. Lipstick won't stick to dry, flaky lips and no matter what you do, it's always important to have a good, clean base.

2. Balm it 
Apply a layer of lip balm. Lip sticks can dry your lips out, so apply a layer of lip balm underneath to protect your lips and to keep them moisturized

3. Dab it 
Dab a bit of foundation on your lips and it fills in fine lines and give your lipstick something to cling to

4. Line it 
Using a lip liner that matches your natural lip color, line and fill your lips to create a base for the lipstick to prevent bleeding. By using a liner that's similar to your natural color, it prevents any major contrast between the liner shade and the lipstick shade

5. Apply it 
Apply that lipstick!

6. Blot it 
 With a tissue, gently blot your lips as it'll extend the wear of your lipstick

7. Layer it 
 Apply another layer!

8. Seal it 
Using translucent loose powder, lightly dust your lips to seal in the colour

That's it! Now you don't have to bring your lipstick out with you and save space in your bag!
How do you make your lipstick last?

P.S: Do check out Laura's BLOG!

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A happy me (:

As I was doing my daily scrolling through my bloglovin' feed (which I do wayyy too much), I decided to check the blogs in different categories in the hopes of discovering new blogs!

When I saw my blog at #6 on 'Up & Coming blogs' in the Fashion category, I was ecstatic! Definitely made my morning! Hence, I would like to say a huge thank you to all my followers and frequent readers (you know who you are) that have inspired me!

Also, I know I did not blog about it, but I have almost 350 followers on Bloglovin' and a little past 100 on GFC & a little past 200 on Twitter and I am beyond grateful! In all honesty, I've never imagine that this little space would be interesting :P

I'm actually planning a little giveaway to celebrate this little milestone which I will launch (hopefully) after I've managed to get the prizes and get the shipping conditions sorted out (as in Vietnam it's a little iffy) so bear with me!


P.S: Today marks my 2 years + 5 months anniversary with the boyfriend so double wheeeee (:

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Web-hunting Wednesday #1 // Ebay Wishlist

Being a thrifter and a person that is not willing to buy anything at full price unless it's ridiculously cheap, I'm surprised I haven't turned to eBay before! I'm hooked at their ridiculously low prices! :P 

1. Solid Chiffon Long Maxi Skirt (£2.99 + £2.79 P&P)

How unbelievably cheap and gorgeous is that skirt? It also comes in black and navy blue, so I may have to pick those up too :D I love the flowy material and this would work so well on the beach (:

2. Disco Shiny Pants Leggings (£3.99 + £1.79 P&P)

I've seen quite a few fashion bloggers wearing them and I think it would be great to own a pair as it is different from the standard plain black tights and gives an edge to the outfit due to its shiny-ness! This also comes in tons of colours such as red, blue and purple for those more adventurous ones (:

3. Strappy Peeptoe Wedges (£9.95 + £2.95 P&P)

As soon as I saw this, I wanted it! How gorgeous is that! I can't make my mind up whether I want the black or the cream... cause they're both so nice! I'm more of a wedge girl cause I have a slight phobia of tripping in heels and these would be perfect! Plus, the jagged soles provide extra grip

4. Small Cross Messenger Bag (£4.09 + FREE P&P)

I find this so cute. It would be perfect for a casual day out where you only want to bring a few things & it's something I've been looking for! There are 4 colours - brown, beige, mint and pink - and they're all so pretty I am spoilt for choice.

So this is my first eBay wishlist! Do you have any great finds lately?

P.S: Linking up with : Friday's Fab Favourites
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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

NOTD // Mixing it Up

Most of you will have known that in a bid to stop myself from harming my nails (aka biting) I've starting painting them! Something my school forbids but since it's summer, I'm freeeeeee ;)
I must say that it's going rather well! Have not touched my nails in a week/two

That said, my nail polish collection is mediocre. It's tiny. I only have about 4 shades? Which is why when I'm bored of the same colours, I try to mix and match to create new-ish shades!

With these nail polish colours:

L: New Elite Nail Polish Professional (sorry, I'm not sure which shade as it's a local Vietnamese brand & a friend gave it to us!)

R: Jordana In Love

I've managed to turn this (a bright purple/fuschia):

Into this:

A more shimmery purpley/pink!  See the difference? (:

After the usual 3 coats of the bright purple base, I painted 1 coat of the shimmery pink. Since it's quite sheer, it layers on very nicely by giving it a hint of shimmer! I must say I like how this turned out and how it catches the light too (how poetic) (:

I guess what I'm trying to say is, play with the shades you've got to create new (and maybe better) shades!

What's your favourite nail polish combination?

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