Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Recap

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Can you believe August/summer has been and gone?! Definitely does not feel like that at all. In fact, I've just finished the first week of school and it feels like summer has never started! In need of a holiday asap!

What I have been up to

- Spent a lovely month hanging out with the boyfriend (and doing summer work of course) before he went back to the UK
- Visited relatives
- Did a bit of thrift shopping ;) Haul post up soon!
- Went to the beach, Pulau Redang and was unplugged for 5 days! - post about
my trip HERE (1) + HERE (2)
- Started school - first last day until I graduate from high school! How exciting yet scary
What my blog has been up to

- I made a Facebook page! Please like it (HERE) for more updates and surprises!
- You now have the opportunity to advertise with my blog! Rates start at just £0.50 - bargain! More information HERE
- Hosting my first ever giveaway sponsored by Iconemesis. Join HERE

Top 5 posts this month

1. A transformation - from the mum's closet to mine (HERE)
2. Absolute bargains from Fragrance Direct! (HERE)
3. Would you rather? Beauty Edition (HERE)
4. Disney Princess inspired Designer Dresses (HERE)
5. My entire ring collection (HERE)

Right Place Right Time - Olly Murs

Now, I shall leave you with a song that I've been loving this month (:

What have you been up to this month?


It's true. I can't cope well with it. Maybe it's because I've stayed at the same school for 13 years and lived in the same country for 15 years that any major changes like moving countries scare me.

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Friday, 30 August 2013

Iconemesis Giveaway [CLOSED]

Firstly, I would like to thank Iconemesis for sponsoring this giveaway by providing the prize.
I've reached a huge bunch of milestones since I started blogging 3 months ago and I'm really glad that I now have a chance to give back to my amazing readers & to start off the weekend ;)
Here are some of my favourites:

Images source

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
A trend that has been appearing all over the world are iPhone cases. Now, there are so many designs to choose from to customize your gadget! Iconemesis offers a huge range - from the coveted cute and quirky rabbit Fifi Lapin, to Pomme Chan's celestial wonderful. There's definitely a case for everyone!
Guess what? YOU get a chance to win one - of your choice!!
If you do not have an iPhone, it's okay! Why don't you win one for your friend or relative as a special gift (:
Giveaway Image:

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Terms and Conditions

1. This giveaway will run for 3 weeks & end on 21st September 2013 at midnight (GMT +7)
2. It is open WORLDWIDE
3. All entries will be verified - ALL mandatory entries must be completed
4. The Craziest Paradigm is not responsible for the shipping of the prize.
5. The Craziest Paradigm is not responsible for any shipping costs, taxes or any damages or losses during the shipping process
6. The prize was sponsored by and will be shipped by Iconemesis
7. Any giveaway blogs/accounts will be deleted
8. Winner will be generated via Rafflecopter and my decision is final
9. If you're under 18, please do get your parent's permission
10. Winner will be contacted via email - if they do not respond within 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*The winner has been chosen and contacted! Thanks for participating (: *

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Disney Princess inspired Designer Dresses + (a small update)

1. I have a facebook page now! Please do LIKE it for more fun and updates!
2. Please vote for me for a Missguided competition HERE - it's the last day! Hugs and kisses for everyone (:
3. I am now offering advertising opportunities on my blog! Prices start from £0.50 / US$0.70! Bargain! 
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4. Stay tune for a giveaway on my blog tomorrow!
Whilst trawling through the Internet, I came across an article where Disney princess inspired designer dresses - designed by high-end designers like Valentino, Versace and Marchesa - will be up for auction to raise money for charity! Being a fashion and Disney lover, I thought I'd share it (:
Can you guess which dress is inspired by which Princess?
*Note: All images come from HERE but I combined and added the text*

Ariel by Marchesa

Personally, I find the real copy of the dress a bit plain...I thought with Ariel, they could do much more! I can definitely see where the inspiration came from from the sketch though.

Aurora by Elie Saab

I love my pinks so this is my absolute FAVOURITE. I love the pale pink colour and the intricate embroidery/roses on the gown! I would definitely wear this 

Belle by Valentino

Definitely very Belle-esque as it's similar - if not the same as - to the iconic yellow gown that she wears to dance with the Beast! Love this one (:

Cinderella by Versace

I can definitely see where the inspiration came from in this one. Not my favourite, but it's still nice (:

Jasmine by Escada

At first glance, I wouldn't have thought it was a Jasmine-inspired one. Looked more like Little Red Riding Hood to me! Maybe they should've used her signature pale turquoise colour and add a bit more Arabian-esque in there!

Mulan by Missoni

If I had to choose an inspired one, this would be it. Maybe because Mulan is my favourite Princess out of the lot cause I think she's more strong-willed and independent! And because I've got Chinese heritage as well ;) Heheh. I love the blend of colours, the oriental designs and the fabric used.

Pocahontas by Roberto Cavalli

I like the inspiration behind it and it does suit Pocahontas' character, but I liked the sketches more than the actual dress.

Rapunzel by Jenny Packham

Inspired by the Rapunzel in Tangled, this dress is stunning! I love the lilac colour and the sequinned neckline!

Snow White by Oscar de la Renta

This practically screams Snow White - from the red cape to the blue and yellow dress! The dress itself maybe, but not sure if anyone would wear the cape out in public. Nevertheless, a gorgeous piece.

Tiana by Ralph & Russo

I think this and Aurora's gown is a tied first for me! The style, colour and design is just perfect. Just imagine wearing this to prom!
Aren't those gorgeous?! Will definitely make any girl feel like a princess for sure! My favourite wearable one would be Tiana's and Aurora's, but my favourite inspired one is Mulan.*sigh* if only I had the cash to buy these! At least they're for a good cause (;
What do you think of the dresses? Which one is your favourite?
*cue Miley Cyrus' 'Nobody's Perfect' song* Everyone has their flaws and the first step is to acknowledging them.
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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Wishlist Wednesday // I am a Rucksack #NextBagItUp

Remember those magazines some of us used to read (or maybe still do!) when we were younger? Where during sleepovers we would ponder over the quizzes where you answered a bunch of questions, follow the lines and it magically reveals: Which celebrity you should be paired up with; What your go-to summer trend is, or your best nail colour? 
Well I took an identical "Which handbag are you?" quiz on Next and guess what? 
I am a rucksack!
I love rucksacks. They symbolise my carefree personality and range from simple to wild prints and honestly, you can pair them with anything and for any occasion. Festivals, casual day outs, to the beach or of course, school.
Here's my Back-To-School inspired outfit with my favourite rucksack - maybe you'll look forward to each day with this:

A simple yet super chic and comfortable outfit - which you can put on within seconds - to match a simple yet cute and practical bag. 

The weather outside is getting a tad chilly and the classrooms could be blasting with AC so I love the cute bunny sweater which is quite girly and makes the outfit more feminine whilst the leather-looking skinny jeans balances that by edging and toughening up the look. Plus, you don't want to just wear boring jeans on the first day! Throw on a simple gold statement necklace for a little glam touch; a good old trusty pair of brown booties (with a heel that's not super high so you can rush to your next class with ease); and that canvas rucksack to store your newly-bought stationery and notebooks...and you're perfect for class.

Classics never go out of style.

Keep makeup au naturel and loosely curl your hair with side braids pinned at the back for an effortless, simple look. Plus, it keeps your hair out of your eyes!

Simple, cute, comfy. A perfect way to start your school year with your canvas rucksack.
 Go to class with class (Hahaha, get the pun there?)

Here's the bag quiz so do take it and tell me in the comments below which one you are!

Next bags infographic
Which bag are you?

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Brand Spotlight // Fashion & Beauty Tribes

Today I would love to introduce you to a new Etsy shop called: Fashion and Beauty Tribes Cushion Shop which is run by Sinead who also has a blog (here)

Her Etsy shop sells hand-made cushions (surprise, surprise) in all sorts of designs. Here is my mini interview with her (:

Q. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your shop?

A. Well I'm Sinead and I blog at http://fashionandbeautytribes.blogspot and I have recently ventured into another love of mine sewing.

Q. Where did you get the inspiration behind your shop? Why cushions?

A. I don't really know I had been making cushions for a while for family and friends and they loved them so I thought maybe I should sell a  . I Chose cushions because they are simple to make and instantly make your bedroom look fab.

Q. Why did you choose Etsy?

A. I used to buy a craft magazine that always talked about esty and how it sold homemade goods I thought this was a better platform for my cushions rather than eBay because esty has a real homemade feel to it if that makes sense.

Q. What is your ultimate goal for your shop in the future?

A. I would love to create more designs and maybe make some decorations , also sell worldwide .

So if you like a lovely hand-made gift, then Sinead's shop is the place for you! She currently only ships within the UK and as she is just starting out, do head on over and take a look ---> here

Which is your favourite design?


Maybe not an I can live without coffee, but I love it loads :D Caramel Frappucino anyone?

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*Note*: this is not a PR, sponsored or paid post. All images from HERE

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Monday, 26 August 2013

Summer Vacation // Pulau Redang Trip Part 2

Catch up with Part 1 HERE - there are some pretty pictures!
After the beach trip, we went back to the mainland, to Kuala Terengganu and went exploring (sort of)! First, we went to 'Chinatown'. Honestly though, there seems to be tons of Chinatowns everywhere and this one was no different. Your typical street full of Chinese food and Chinese stalls (:

Yes, I am on my tip toes and yes, my younger sisters are taller than me :(

After that we went to this place where they built replicas of world famous mosques so I basically traveled the world in 1 hour (Y) It was really cool seeing all the different designs, styles and the detailing was amazing!  Although they were replicas and miniatures, they were still pretty huge! In the most famous mosques e.g Taj Mahal, you could actually go in and read about the mosque itself (:

From these pictures, you may not be able to tell that those were miniatures ;)

And that concludes the highlight of my summer vacation!

What did you do in the summer?


(Thought I'd include one of this random fact about me at the end of every post instead of doing a collective one...until I run out that is :P )

That is very true...hence I started blogging (:

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bloglovin' Reminder!

Just a super duper duper quick post! 

I'm slightly over 150 GFC followers & almost at 600 Bloglovin' followers! Wheeeee (:
Thank you guys so much for following and reading through all my rambles and escapades (:

However, I would like to remind you lovely people to follow my blog on Bloglovin' rather than my profile!

My bloglovin' URL is:

Thank you guys so much once again!

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

#WhoIAm #1

Hahah, a double hashtag blog title :D 
I thought I'd do a bi-weekly thing where I post little facts about myself just so you guys can know me better (: 
All images come from HERE

It's those little things that you may take for granted or you may not notice immediately that makes can make someone or you happy - you know? (:

Never ever been to a concert although I REALLY REALLY want to! I see people blog about them, watch some on TV or YouTube and they look like so much fun - especially the atmosphere! Sadly, things like this don't happen in Vietnam :(

My parents have 6 brothers and sisters each which means 12 uncles & aunts so I do have quite a big extended family and about 20 cousins and although I'm not as close to some of them, I love them all nonetheless (:

Sometimes that's how I like to entertain myself! Watching the sky, clouds, stars... so pretty (:

I will admit that I always lower my expectations - especially academically. I know you're meant to aim for the sky so you'll fall among stars, but I just don't like to be disappointed so I lower my expectations (Y)

On a side note, today marks 2.5 years with the boyfriend, wheeeeeeee (:

What are some facts about you?

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Summer // Pulau Redang Trip - Part 1

This summer, my family and I went to Pulau Redang which is an island/beach off the coast of Malaysia! It was a super simple trip but I had a blast nonetheless (:

Note: A picture heavy post!

Our ferry

I'm the one second from the right (:

How gorgeous is the view and the water? 

I promise you this is the original photo - no touch ups/editing. It was that blue and that clean! You can even see the tiny fish!

The place we stayed wasn't particularly fancy. It was simple yet quiet, peaceful and waking up to the sea right by your toes and that view was amazing.

We spend most of  our times snorkelling! I kid you not, you may not realise it, but if you put your head underwater it's like a whole new world. Different coloured fish and multicoloured coral... it was unbelievable. The fish swim around but never touched us once! 
I wish I remembered to bring my underwater camera to show you guys! Dammit!

How swag is my grandmother? :)

My sisters and I (:

We also went to another remote island where they used to keep the Vietnamese refugees during the Vietnam civil war.


My dad is an early riser so this are some amazing sunrise shots he took: 

And that concludes part 1 of my summer vacation! Part 2 will contain less pictures - don't worry!

What did you do during the summer? (:

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