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I'm a PR friendly blog.
I would love to let help all bloggers and businesses (whether small of big) gain exposure!
Please note that I will only accept those of similar content

If you would like to contact me for any reason, whether it is a PR sample or just a curious reader, don't hesitate to send me an email! I check it regularly (:


Other social media platform

Twitter: @infamoushearts
Instagram: @infamoushearts

Basic stats via Google Analytics (as of 2nd March 2015)

Bloglovin': 1328+
GFC: 357+
Google+ : 391+
Twitter: 660+
Pinterest: 407+
LookBook: 110+
Chictopia: 28+
Facebook: 765+
Instagram: 236+

Total followers across all platforms: 4282+

On average (within last 3 months)

5,693 page views
2, 253 users/unique visitors
2,563 sessions
I post: 3 - 5 times a week

Brands I've worked with

Persunmall ( X / X / X )
Eternal Girl (X)
Coco Fashion (X)
Prairie Charms (X) Nike  (X)
Zuzka Natural Beauty (X)
Signature Fragrances (X)
Esty Lingerie (X) (X)

See Me In...


Only US$ 5 a month for

- 250x250px on sidebar
- Weekly mentions on tweets
- Mentioned at the bottom of all blogposts that month
- Included in 'advertisers' post at the end of each month
- A solo blogger Q&A to drive traffic and gain exposure

If you are interested, please email me at ( with the subject title 'Advertising'
All transactions through Paypal


They are effective as they're a win-win situation! Not only do I get to give back to my amazing readers, but you can promote your blog/business by setting certain requirements (e.g following your twitter, liking your Facebook) & the only cost is the giveaway item!

If you would like to host a giveaway on this blog, do email me at with the subject 'Giveaway on The Craziest Paradigm'

Winners will be picked at random and announced on The Craziest Paradigm and then asked to contact either you or me - depending on what was agreed, and what's best for you.

Item sponsors

Sponsoring an outfit post/beauty review is a great way to promote a specific item, provide an example of the pieces in your store or to increase brand awareness. Simply send me an item and I will feature + review it as well as link back to any social profiles you want! But please do email me beforehand with the item being sent!

I have the full right to turn down any offers!

All reviews will be completely 100% honest and with as much detail as possible. I will also disclose whenever an item has been sent to me. For further information, please look at the disclaimer section on my sidebar.

Compensated Posts

I do write posts that include the brand - either in a solo or 'wishlist' like post. However, I do require compensation

Of course, all these are negotiable so do not hesitate to email me at 

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