Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Transition to Fall with Julep

  When Abbey from Julep contacted me to do a post about transition your nail polish from those bright summer shades to beautiful ones, I was on board. Fall nail colours actually excite me because I'm more into the darker, classier and more mysterious shades that complements this time of year. The handy infographic below showcases some of the top summer shades and its fall equivalent - so if you spy your favourites, you know which to try next. 

  For my mood board, I've decided to choose the shade 'Beverly' which is a described as a boysenberry creme - sounds super yum.

  To make the glamorous deep purple shade stand out, I've decided to go with my favourite A/W print - tartan, and chose two different colour variations to mix it up a little. I paired this dark green based tartan smock dress with a red based tartan scarf and a neutral trench coat that can keep you all warm and snuggly as temperatures drop. Of course, what fall look is complete without a classic pair of chunky black boots! This mixture of dark and neutral shades will compliment the vampy purple without looking too gloomy - after all, that's what the weather's for!

What's your favourite fall shade this season?
Need more shades? Julep has got you covered.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Primark: First Impressions

So in my last post, I blogged about my very first Primark haul and now, I thought it was only right that I write about the good, the bad and my first impressions!

The good

- It is massive. You don't realise truly how big it is until you step in one. Would take an average person hours to cover the entire thing!
- You'll be absolutely spoilt for choice because they have literally everything.
- Those packets of Haribos near the checkout calls your name everytime...maybe this should be a bad thing though :D
- Awesome selection of casual shirts, pajamas and pillows 
- Tights

The bad

- Why are the material of most tops made out of chiffon? So sheer.
- Lugging around everything that catches your eye and throwing it into the bag/basket can get very -heavy after a few minutes...
- I find that the quality of bags aren't the best...
- I'm kinda on the short side so most of the dresses don't fit me right :( Petite section please?

How I shop in Primark:

1. Get a bag/basket
2. Throw everything that catches my eye into the basket
3. Before going to the checkout, take out things that you don't actually warned, you might end up with a large pile
4. Resist the temptations of the little things at the checkout

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Friday, 17 October 2014

My First Ever Primark Haul

  Sometimes I feel like Primark is a foreigner/tourist's rite of passage into the UK because it's just something that is becoming somewhat iconic. Thus, when I landed in the UK, one of the things I made sure that I did was go to Primark. Let's just say that it was a pretty life changing experience - without wanting to sound too dramatic. But I shall leave my first impressions of Primark for another time and instead, show you what I got! Although to be fair, I didn't go crazy in there...although I easily could have. The amount of self-restraint I had to go through to put back 75% of the things that were in my basket before going to the cashier...which by the way, was getting way to heavy to carry around.

£6 each

  Probably one of my favourite purchases in the entire haul because I'm just such huge fans of both! I actually do not own a Harry Potter shirt...albeit being a self proclaimed Potterhead so, mission accomplished. In the Harry Potter section, there was also the same Hogwarts crest in a acid washed grey background, as well as a Gryffindor and Hufflepuff one. I also bought 2 more for my sisters :') For my Game of Thrones shirt, I actually wore it during the 'Rave of Thrones' event during Freshers where the actor that played Hodor came to DJ ;) I also like how the sleeves on either side are turned up.

French crop tee: £5 reduced to £2 // Christmas pudding tee: £5

  I saw this insanely cute shirt with a French french fry that said 'Bonjour Mon Amour' and since it was reduced
to £2, I thought, why not? Would be a good casual tee. However, I will have to say that my Christmas
pudding shirt on the right steals the show because, how amazing is that?! And it was only a fiver.
Would be amazing during Christmas time. Although I will say that the shirt material is a little stiff.
They also had one in a Santa Claus style which I really really really want!
Floral top: £6

  How nice is this top? I love the dainty white collar and the monochromatic palette that I just think
completes the top. Also, it would look great paired with anything - jeans, shorts, name it.

Red velvet-ish skirt: £8

  I absolutely adore this skirt, although I do think that the price is a tad steep for what it is... I love the
red colour, the style and it's super appropriate for autumn/winter! The material is also slightly thicker 
and heavier than usual skater skirts, with a velvet/wooly texture (yes, this is my best description). I've 
been wearing this quite a few times and no doubt I will continue to ;) It also comes in many more 
colours like a khaki green which I would love to get as well.

£4 each

  Due to the changing weather, my neck was getting a little chilly as I walk around campus so I 
thought I'd better pick up some scarves. I absolutely love them both. Although the material isn't the 
thickest, it does keep me warm enough! How amazing is the tartan one though?!

2 pairs thermal socks: £2.50 // Cosy footlets: £2.50

  I'm really bad at withstanding cold weather - not surprising, seeing as I come from a country with
tropical climate all year round... - so I thought I better stock up on some warmer items for my poor
feet when it gets cold. I haven't worn the thermal socks yet, but I think they're better than the 'cosy'
fluffy socks Primark also has because you can wear these to bed and in with your boots to keep
those feet toasty warm. They have tons of patterns so I have to pick up more pairs :D

  Those cosy footlets weren't exactly essentials, but I wanted slipper like things to walk around my
dorm room and these are incredibly incredibly soft and fuzzy and cosy. May get dirty easily but 
seriously, comfiest thing. The burgundy tartan print also adds a nice touch.

Tights with fleecy lining: £3.50

  I thought these were really quite pricey for tights :( Butbut, having said that, they are actually 
quite cosy and thick and do keep my legs warm so...I guess I can't complain! I also bought the usual
3 pack 40 dernier opaque black tights because hey, that's what everyone gets in Primark. Don't have 
them pictured because I've used them and it's all over my room. I must say that they're lasting quite 
well at the moment as I've had no tears or bobbles yet!

Belt: £1

  Got these simply because I needed something to make my pants stay up.

Beanie: £3

  Everyone needs a good beanie and I absolutely love this one! Especially the pom-pom at the top! I
think it makes a great accessory (:

2 pack of gloves: £1

    Because my hands get ridiculously cold when exposed.

Navy leather crossbody bag: £6

  I actually really like this bag and I find that it's great for traveling when you want to keep your
essentials e.g passport, wallet close by without having to rummage through a huge bag! It has many
compartments are the material is soft leather which feels really nice! I believe they had this in a
nudey-pink and khaki as well.

  So yea, this is what I got. Nothing big but I still loveeeee it! So sorry that my posting has been so sporadic but I'm just starting to get into the swing of things!

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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Blog Sale!!

  I'm still quite busy with trying to organise my life at uni so this is just going to be a quick post informing you guys that in a bid to clear out my overflowing wardrobe, I'm having a blog sale!
The items below are just some of the things that I will be selling and I'll also be adding more in the next few days. For full details of each items, prices and whatnot, go check out my Depop (@thecraziestparadigm). Alternatively, if you don't have an account, then you can simply email me ( your desired item! Most items are either brand new or in excellent condition (:

Terms & Conditions

Paypal preferred
P&P costs are stated in my Depop
Offers welcome, all prices negotiable
UK only!

However, if my stuff doesn't entice you...maybe these will.

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