Thursday, 30 January 2014


About a month ago, I was contacted by Prairie Charms to get involved in their blogger #PrairieXmas campaign. After browsing through their site and looking at the range of products on offer, I wholeheartedly agreed - besides, a percentage of the sales went to GOSH Children's Charity! I was asked to write down my favourite colours and theme to allow them to personalise my box. I chose pastel colours like pink, blue and purple, with the theme of floral and girly.
The package came neatly and safely in a cardboard box with blue crepe paper!
With a small fee of £5, there was £30 worth of items!

Effie Glitter Bow £8 / US$ 12

I've been on the lookout for bow hair clips lately and this one couldn't have come at a better time! I love that it's sparkly because come on, who doesn't love sparkles! The colour was spot on as well. The crocodile clip wasn't that strongly glued on, but a bit of super glue would solve that problem. 
Although I would prefer a barette, the crocodile clip means that this little bow can be used for much much more.

As shown on the picture, I used it to bedazzled a normal messy bun!
Of course, you can use it as a hair clip if you want to keep those strands of hair out of your face, or use it to decorate a half up, half down hairstyle. Don't worry, you'll be seeing this little bow quite a bit in my outfit posts ;)

Rania Wraps - £10 / US$16 (for a set of 3)

These are one of my favourites because I love the retro polka dot print and these hold endless possibilities!
There's a wire inside which means you can twist and turn it to your heart's desire. Wrap it around your hair tie, turn it into a bow...entirely your choice. I used them to dress up a normal ponytail, bun and braid! A little bit of polka dotted print makes everything better (:

Vanessa Retro Headband - £10.50 / US$16

This headband also has a soft, flexible wire inside so you can mould it to your head shape and it will stay put!
Although the colour scheme may not by my favourite, I still love the vintage floral print. A headband is great to keep your hair out of your eyes. But if you put it on the crown of your head, it gives a lovely bohemian vibe.

Prairie Charms is based in the UK, but they do ship worldwide! Apart from these items, they've got loads of other things for your tresses as well as jewelry on offer, so do check it out!
Hope you enjoy these 'hair-inspiration' and if you do have such items lying around, be creative with them ;)

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*I was given this for review purposes, but my all opinions are 100% my own

Monday, 27 January 2014

In My Baskets #22

Thought I'd change the name of my wishlists - all these items can be found on eBay or ASOS 

1. Lace Cardigan£5.69 / US$9.47
These would be a perfect transition piece from spring to summer. You can wear it over a simple tank top and shorts or as a beach cover up!

2. Swing Dress in Floral Print : £13 / US$24.07
I love the floral pattern and the lace detail! Wear it on its own or layer a coat/cardigan over it during the cooler 

3. Blue T-shirt Dress£5.62 / US$9.35
I like this because it's so simple, comfortable and flowy. How gorgeous is that blue colour too! You can 
even belt it for a more defined look if desired

4. Maxi Skirt in Floral Print : £9 / US$16.67
To me, florals is a pattern that just never goes out of style. I love the colour scheme of this skirt and it being 
maxi means it's perfect if you want to look taller :P

5. Platform Boots£12.28 / US$20.42
My favourite item out of this list. I love the chunky platform heels and I can think of a million different ways to
wear this! I think I might treat myself to this for my 5 months time :P

On a slightly different note, about the Justin Bieber mugshot matter - just goes to show how if you're not
properly grounded, what fame can do to people *sigh*
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Saturday, 25 January 2014

OUTFIT // Wingardium Leviosa


top: kitschen (similar) // faux leather leggings: ebay // wedges: new look (similar) // scarf: gifted (similar) // beanie: bought on school trip

"The Levitation Charm is one of the first spells learnt by any young witch or wizard. With the charm a witch or wizard can make things fly with the flick of a wand. The charm is an excellent test of your magical skills, wand control and above all, patience."

Yes, another Harry Potter named outfit :P
Got our mock exam results back. Not bad, but I'm hoping to do better in the real thing this May (:
So glad that it's half term break now though! Currently back in Malaysia to celebrate Lunar New Year so I may not be updating for a while as I'll probably be busy visiting relatives and friends!
If you celebrate Lunar New Year, hope you have a great one!

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Reading List #1

Just a quick post today because I've been busy moving and unpacking to my new place! I'm officially in my new room! There are still bits and pieces that are not fully done, but I will definitely share the pictures once it is!

Anyway, during the Christmas break, I managed (finally) do get some joy reading done, i.e read books that are not compulsory for school. *cough*Antigone*cough* After I've watched The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones (yes, I watched the movie first) starring Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower, I loved the plot and the whole concept so I didn't to read the book. And it definitely did not disappoint! I think it made me understand the plot better and I really want to read the other books in the series!

I also heard that the movie Divergent is coming out, but since it hasn't yet in the cinemas here, I decided to read the book. I thought it was quite Hunger Games-esque but still a great idea - dividing into factions based on qualities and things. I'm really intrigued as to how some of the scenes will be like on the big screen now! Again, I'll definitely try to get hold of the other books!

Oh and, after a few meh episodes of How I Met Your Mother, I really really liked the latest one! I hope it keeps going uphill from there because the previous series has kinda been a let down :/ Also, currently downloading the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars! They sure know how to keep the viewers on the edge - I'm actually really keen on finding out what will happen!

What have you been reading/watching lately? Any recommendations? (:

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