Friday, 31 May 2013

June: Top 10 Wishlist

June - Wishlist
Since it's almost the start of June, I've decided to make a wishlist for this month. Out of my never ending list of things that I lust... here's my Top 10:

1. Bralet/Cropped Bustier
I don't own one, but I've been seeing it around a lot lately & I think that this is a super versatile piece that can go with anything and is perfect for summer! I'll be doing a 'Trend Report' on this item soon! (:
2. Black Wedges:
 Ever since I've grown out of my only pair of black kitten heels, I've been wanting to get another pair! Black shoes can instantly perk up an outfit and get be worn for either formal or dressy occasions. AND it goes with relatively anything. I opt or wedges just because it'll be more comfortable :P
3. Brown Faux Leather Stud Bag
Been looking for a bag like this since forever! It's a perfect bag to bring when you're out casually and don't want to bring a huge bag with you. It's small yet stylish. & I love the studded embellishments too!
4. Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer
Almost every review I've read raved on about this so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon too ;) Firstly, I love the name - Apocalypse = Apocalips - because it's a play on words & I'm a word nerd :D Right now, I'm loving the shades Celestial, Big Bang and Galaxy

5. Bath & Body Works Scented Candles:  
I've heard about scented candles, but never actually got to smell one... & I really want to! Bath & Body Works have a HUGE range of scented candles to suit all types! Wouldn't it be great to have your room smell like your favourite scent the whole time? Mine's vanilla - what's yours? (:

6. Denim Vest Jean Jacket
 Different from the normal denim jacket but I think this would be a great layering piece over anything... and would be great if you do not wish to show too much skin or want a more edgy vibe (: Want. Want. Want.

7. Oxfords
No idea why they're called oxfords... but whenever I see these types of shoes, it screams girly yet preppy. Could be a more girly and casual alternative to the standard sneakers & it's quite vintage looking too! I would go for the neutral brown as it makes pairing easier (: But I haven't found a pair that I absolutely loved yet!
8. Knit Jumper: 
Living in a tropical country, I really do not need jumpers :P But I just love how cozy and warm they are and can be great for lazing around at home or when you're out shopping at an air-con filled mall as they're not TOO thick (:

9. Hi-Low Skirt:  
Another 'on-trend' item. I love these kind of skirts as they're a cross between mini skirts and maxi skirts... you get the best of both worlds! They're also super girly, carefree and unique! However, as I am super short, I can't seem to find one of a good length that flatters me D:

10. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
A hyped product which I would love to try as I use lip balms and stains on a daily basis so this could be perfect! I'm loving the shades in Romantic, Rendezvous and Cherish

So those are the Top 10 items that I'm lusting for this month! What's yours?

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

'What's in my makeup bag?' Series: Perfume

Aren't the perfume bottles adorable? I will never be able to throw them away!

1. Les Parfums de Dior (Dior perfume set): My mum gave me this & I absolutely adore it! The scents are amazing - each one is unique yet incredibly good. Although the bottle is small, you only really need a dab because a little goes a long way & you don't want to overdo the perfume! Aren't the packaging adorable? I won't be able to throw them away! :P
However, what I dislike about the packaging is that there is no spray thingmajig :( I have to apply & dab using my fingers which is not my favourite thing to do. Nevertheless, the scent stays on strong for a good few hours! I wear this on special occasions (:

No clue what the different between 'eau de parfum' and 'eau de toilette' is... so if you do know, please do tell me! (:
(*UPDATE*: Katy cleared things up - Eau de toilette is a less concentrated version of eau de parfum so the smell doesn't last as long. - thanks Katy! )

In the set includes:

Miss Dior Cherie (5ml): An amazing blend of strawberry leaves and green mandarin open up this scent. Then blends into a violette, pink jasmine and strawberry sorbet which finishes off with fresh patchouli, musk and crystalline. 

Dolce Vita (5ml):  the fragrance of happiness recalls the carefree, heart-lifting nostalgia of driving a convertible along the Italian Riviera. A dazzlingly feminine and joyful fruity/floral fragrance with spicy, sensual undertones of cedar, it incarnates the spirit of Dior in all its sumptuousness.

J'adore (5ml): The incarnation of absolute femininity in an opulent fruity-floral bouquet. J’adore takes flight with a fresh accord of bergamot, opening into a vibrant armful of roses with a delicate jasmine drydown. The sensual, curvaceous lines of its amphora bottle make this a legendary perfume

Pure Poison (5ml)Once upon a time, there was a fragrance that was innocent yet captivating, sincere yet mysterious… Pure Poison incarnates seduction in its purest state by exploring its duality and irresistible alchemy. Based on orange blossom, jasmine, gardenia, amber and sandalwood, this delicate yet generous modern potion reveals the seductress within

Dior Addict 2 (5ml): Dior Addict 2 opens with fresh citrus top notes, sweetened by floral heart notes of fressia, lily of the valley and watermelon, and alluringly deepened with sandalwood and white musk. Dior Addict 2 embodies the playfulness and audacity that defines the true Dior Diva.

2. Bodiez Parfum Spray: I think that this is a version of Flower by Kenzo (?) - I'm not sure really. Anyway, this is more of a deodorant kind of thing. It has a powdery smell - smells like baby powder. & I spray a bit before school just to keep me smelling fresh (:
What perfume/fragrance do you own?
Also in the 'What's in my Makeup Bag?' Series
What's NOT in my makeup bag
& that concludes my 'What's in my Makeup Bag' series! Hope you enjoyed it - what's in YOUR makeup bag? (:
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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

"What's in my makeup bag?" Series: Eyes

1. Maybelline the Colossal Volume Express Waterproof Mascara: This mascara is perfect for a more dramatic look as it really does amp up the volume and length of your eye lashes. You just need one coat for it to define your eyes! I also love how with the brush, you are able to come in contact with those pesky lashes at the very ends. It's definitely waterproof, although it may give you panda eyes if you swim or wash your face with it so remove makeup first! Overall, I have no problems with this product, except for the fact that it sometimes clumps and makes my eyelashes look spidery :( However, a good wiggle with the wand would fix that (:

2. IN2IT Lash Xtra Mascara: I like this mascara because it gives more natural looking lashes (like the product claims) yet still manages to give it volume and length (after 2-3 coats). This is perfect for a 'i'm not trying hard' look or to school where you just want to look awake after pulling an all nighter but do not want to look overdone either. I would recommend using an eyelash curler afterwards cause this mascara droops after a while. Although it's a little flaky and not quite as waterproof as it claims, it does stay on all day & is super easy to remove! On special occasions, I would use this mascara AFTER my Maybelline one to try to get rid of the clumps and make it more natural & it works! Thumbs up for this product (Y)

3. IN2IT Waterproof eyeliner in All Black: Although I'm a bigger fan of liquid liners - my previous one dried up - this eyeliner isn't that bad (: It glides on really easily, which is always a bonus and is twistable which is great because there's no need for sharpeners! It claims that it is waterproof but although it does stay on for a good 6 hours (slightly smudged though), it's not as waterproof as I thought it'd be. Nevertheless, a good old eyeliner.

4. mik@vonk : Eyeshadow duo in Pink Beige Brown & Romantic Deep Wine: I stole this off my sister and I love it. It's quite pigmented and the colours are wearable! I use the baby pink for casual occasions as it gives a natural shimmer on my eyelids without looking overdone. I also love the deep purple colour which has sort of a matte finish and I wear it to more formal events or times where I want my eyes to look more intense. Sometimes, it's my substitution to eye liner! Or, you can wear the baby pink as a base & wear the purple over. Together or alone, these colours are beautiful.

5. Trend Chic Inc. Eyeshadow Palette: As you can see, the shades here are wearable and are fairly neutral. Since I prefer neutral eye makeup, I tend to stick to the browns (I've hit the pan on one of them :P) which I sometimes wear to school as it's similar to my skin tone and just provides a slight hint of shimmer. These colours aren't that pigmented & may need a few layers to build up intensity and has a slight shimmer to them

What eye products do you have in your makeup collection?
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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"What's in my makeup bag?" Series: LIPS

1. Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Stick in 'Plum Perfect': This is probably the first lipstick I bought (: Overall, I like the formula - it's not drying (although I always put lip balm first), it seems to moisturize my lips & have sort of a creamy feel. The colour is slightly different from the swatch because it wasn't the deep 'plum' colour I envisioned in my mind, but a little brighter. Nevertheless, I believe I'll grow to like it (: As you build it up, it gets to more of a brighter pinkish purple (i'm not good at describing colours). Although in pictures it looks deep red... O.o Maybe it's because my lip colour is naturally coloured already. BUT, this colour is still wearable (:

2. Menard Lip Stick in 'Cherry Luster Pink': Stole this from my mum & although the colour is super bright/neon pink, it's not THAT pink on my coloured lips. Overall, it gives a subtle hint of colour - although I guess you can increase the intensity at will & go for Nicki Minaj-esque lips - and is actually quite nice and not scary (:

L-R: Anti-oxidant Berry; Smoothing Cherry; Mango Pie
3. Maybelline Baby Lips SPF 20 Lip Balm: As you can probably see, that is my go-to and favourite lip balm. I have this in, Anti-oxidant berry (which I'm currently using), Smoothing Cherry (unopened!) and Mango Pie. These lip balms are miracle workers. I use them everyday, before putting on any lip products... and they really do hydrate my lips and keep them moisturised... but not for the whole 8 hours like they claim though. When applied, it's colourless but leave a slight sheen. And the best part? THEY SMELL DIVINE. I would love to collect every single scent.

4. Candy Cupcake Lip Gloss: Simply a clear coloured gloss which I sometimes put over my lip tint or lipstick when I want them to look fuller or well, glossy :P What I love most about this is the smell because it smells just like VANILLA (my favourite scent of all time) & cupcakes! You can't beat that.

5. Marks & Spencers Lip Gloss: Probably my first makeup item that I got from a pen pal from England (: I adore this colour. It's a deep purply red/maroon and it's shiny! Together it goes super duper well with my skin tone (: I've been trying to find this exact colour in lipstick style!

6. Kaka Lip Tint: I really love this item! In the swatch it looks scarily bright pink/fuschia but it really isn't! I actually wear this to school my dabbing a small amount on my lips to give it a subtle hint of colour so it looks natural and not overdone - which is my favourite kind of look. This product is long lasting and you can put as many layers on as you wish to build the colour intensity- so it does actually become bright pink :P However, since it's a tint, it does dry your lips so don't forget lip balm!

I don't think that these swatches do the colour justice :(  & I purposely missed out the lip balm cause it's colourless - don't worry, I can count from 1 to 6 :P

What lip products do you have in your makeup bag?

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Monday, 27 May 2013

What's in my makeup bag: 'What's Not' Edition

Makeup bag: Bonita

I believe that every blogger should make a 'What's in my makeup bag?' kind of post. And... this is my first one (: However, instead of putting everything in one long-ass post, I will break it up to eyes, lips & perfumes so I have something to write each day :P

As you can see from the picture above, that is ALL the makeup I have. I'm not a major beauty junkie (yet), I've just started using them & started building up my collection (: Because of that, I don't have some 'makeup essentials' as some people would call them. Therefore, I've decided to title this post, 'What's NOT in my makeup bag'. And the items are:

Foundation/Primer/Concealer: I don't own any of those because my skin type is super oily and I breakout very often - although the situation has gotten A LOT better. And yes, I do know that these are meant to conceal/cover them... but I can never seem to find the right shade that doesn't make me look like I'm wearing a mask. I have tried a powder foundation from Maybelline, but it gave me breakouts & I hate the feeling of it being cakey on my face. SO, I've decided that for now - until I acquire the skills - I will let my skin breathe foundation-less (:

Blush/Bronzer/Highlighter: Don't own these simply because I'm a makeup noob & whenever I TRY to put those on, it looks unnatural. Blush on me just looks super pink and makes me look like a china doll - a look I'm trying to steer away from until I master the skill. That said, my skin colour is super tan from all those hours of swim training in the Sun so I actually want to try bronzer - which I haven't before - and see if that works and is more natural on my skin tone.

So yea, those are the two major categories of stuff that I do not have in my makeup bag. 

Do you have any 'beauty essentials/basics' that you don't happen to own?

Also in the 'What's in my makeup bag?' series:

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Senior Prank

After their exams, the seniors decided to play a prank on us juniors & the whole school. This was what happened to our common room:
Upturned chairs

Normal chairs replaced with little stools - a la Vietnam

Bind up lockers

Vandalised windows :P

Balloons in the hallway! This was meant to be in the elevators

Bathroom window

Blocking the entrance :P

But apparently there was a lot more cooler shiz but the cleaners cleaned them :(
Anyway, time to think of MY senior prank as it's less than a year away!

What did you do/will do for your senior prank?

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

ISHCMC Invitational Swim Meet

So yesterday (Saturday) was a local swim meet which meant I had to take time off revision to compete for a day. It involved an early start of 5:30 D: I competed in 200IM, 100m Butterfly, 100m Breastroke, 50m Freestyle & 400m Freestyle as well as the freestyle & medley relay which are all crazy distances & you may blame it on my coach since we have a shortage of senior girl swimmers.... 
Anyway, after a long tiring day with naps in between, the results were great! I came JOINT FIRST in my category! Wheeee (: One of my sisters came first in her category whilst the other came joint-second & our school won overall with the highest points! So happy dayssss (: A successful event overall (:
Swimming has always been a family affair (:
From L-R: Younger sister numero 2, Younger sister numero 1, ME

Goggles that I won (: Which is good since my current goggles are like bloody sunglasses D:

My trophy (:
Have you competed in any sporting events recently?
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Friday, 24 May 2013

Rainbows, Cupcakes & Goodies

Today was a mixed day but still not a bad one nonetheless (: But I shall show somethings that I picked up todayyy at various places!
First up, cupcakes! A friend of ours from the swim-team bought not one, but SIX boxes of cupcakes (that's right) that said "Good Luck at swimming gala" before training. I had tons of fun eating them & hopefully I will have just as much fun competing tomorrow :P
Apologies for the bad quality! Took this with my phone. As you can see, some have been eaten :D
Next up, some stuff I bought at the grocery store for snacks during the swim meet tomorrow (: Omnomnomnom

Nature's Sensation: Winter Fruit - Dried Mixed Berries (Blueberries, Cherries, Cranberries & Golden Raisins): I love love love dried fruit - especially dried cranberries - they are my go-to 'healthy' snack because it's super sweet yet juicy and tasty (:  Anyway, they ran out of my usual cranberries so I thought I'd try this one with more variations which was alright because I like 3/4 of the fruit mentioned (not so keen on raisins in general :/) I've been snacking on them & they do not disappoint :D

Kit Kat Chunky; Mars Bars; Snickers: Dad got these for me & well. the chocolate balances out the berries :P I'm a huge fan of chocolate in general & would eat almost any kind. I love Kit Kat, although not very keen on the chunky kinds as in my opinion, there's too much chocolate & not enough biscuit! I prefer the normal ones - the ratio is perfect :D  I don't eat Mars Bars or Snickers often simply because the chewy sticky bits get stuck in my teeth which I hate so I've tend to stray away from them. But apart from that, they're quite good (:

Finally, I went to a nearby stationery shop to pick up some felt tipped pens that are suitable for writing notes in for my revision - since exams are starting :( 

Yes, that's a humongous life-sized teddy (:

As you can see, the tip is really small which makes it perfect for writing notes in (: And those pens weren't expensive at all! I believe that colour is great for revision because it helps you separate sections out easily, emphasise the important bits and it's been scientifically proven that colour helps your brain remember things easily ;) I may write a post about revision tips as exams are near so be sure to check back!

Do you have any revision tips of your own?

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Song of the day: Just Give Me A Reason - P!nk ft. Nate Ruess

One of my favourite songs so far - it is amazing. The melody, chords, lyrics.... everything.

I also love, love, love the cover of this song by Sam Tsui, Kurt Schneider & Kylee which you can watch here:

What's your song of the day?
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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Mum & Dad's 18th Anniversary

I'm so sorry for not posting lately - been incredibly busy revising & catching up on homework due to end of year exams coming soon :/ *worried*
Anyway, on Tuesday the 21st of May, it was my parents' 18th (I believe) wedding anniversary! 

I wore:
Dress: Kitschen
(It's my to-go LBD and I opted for a classy and elegant look)

Heels (not pictured): Aldo
They're super glittery and gold and I wore them ONCE to prom so I thought this was the perfect occasion to dig them out :D

Clutch: gifted

Gold chandelier earrings: boutique

Hairdo: half-up, half-down braided
(idk, what you call that hair style :/)

The fam-bam before we left
(L-R) Younger sister numero 1; ME; Dad; Mum; Younger sister numero 2

Me being silly C:

Dad treated us to a buffet dinner at Legend Hotel and it was omnomnomnom, food heaven. I always have a sweet spot for desserts and needless to say, it didn't disappoint! The setting was incredible, the food was ah-mazing, and the desserts were no doubt the best part :D Chocolate fondue anyone? Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take any pictures of the food :( And at the end of the night, ALL of us were stuffed. We bring the meaning of 'gluttony' to a whole new level :P

My sisters and myself being us (:

It was a lovely evening & although my parents do have their not-so-minor squabbles, they've managed to handle me so far that must be a good thing ;)
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