Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 // Reflection

After Christmas, time just pasts so fast!
My dad told me to reflect on the year 2013- that is about to end, can you believe it? - and what better way to do it than a blog post. I was originally going to do a round-up, but somehow, that seems to mundane so instead, this is a nice ramble from me to you. 

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2013 was really a 'meh' sort of year for me as it was one of my most important years of high school. From January to July, it was studying none stop, mocks, more school related stress. I literally had no time to breathe. Yet, to try to overcome that stress, I procrastinated by creating my slice of the web (this blog) on my 17th birthday in May. At first, I didn't know what I wanted it to be, and since I've always failed at keeping diaries and journals, I could only wonder how long this would last :P 
But hey, I'm still here, aren't I? ;) 

I've always loved fashion - increasingly so it the last few years, so I decided that would be my main 'niche' (if you could call it that). But I also wanted to document bits of my life so I threw in lifestyle and occasionally bits of beauty (with which I'm still not really good at - although, I did write a 'Know Your Lippies' guide) My first beauty post was the infamous 'What's in my makeup bag?' post
During summer, I started my 5 part Summer Series and went to Pulau Redang - a gorgeous beach - with my family! Oh, and I attempted the 30 day Ab Challenge which I didn't get really far with...oops... My greatest achievement thought? Mastering the double braided hairband hairstyle ;)

After summer, I started my final year of high school. And school work only got worse. More deadlines, more homework...more everything. With university applications (I can proudly say that I got offers to 2 so far!) to perfect and the future ahead, the pressure was enormous. Thank goodness for this Christmas break - check out my Christmas Countdown series!The first term passed so slowly I thought it'd never come. Towards the end, there were some family drama, but let's not go into that. 

Blogging-wise though, it has been great! Even though I've only had about 6-7 months in the blogging world, I've acquired loads of inspiration from different people in different parts of the world. I've never actually realised how big the blogging community is! I started off slow and didn't really know what I was doing - which is evident in my Style Roundup Post. But I learned along the way & I think I've got a pretty good grasp now! I've really enjoyed thinking of post ideas, taking & editing pictures and pouring my thoughts into words. Why, I've reached an astonishing 979+ followers as I write this! :O :O :O I hope I will continue this in 2014!

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Nevertheless, I think next year (2014) will be different - not sure in a positive or negative way though.  I'm a person who dislikes change, but next year, that will be inevitable. The first 5 months will be hell - revising for my final exams to be able to get the grades to go to university. Also, not only will I be moving houses soon, but after summer, I'll be going to university (can't believe I'm writing this - I thought high school lasted forever?). I hope I get into my first/second choice in the UK and if I do, it'll be a rollercoaster ride for which I'm both excited and afraid...but I'll save those thoughts for a later post.

Besides working hard and achieving the best possible grades in my final exams, my goals for the year 2014 is to take more risks. To take more fashion-related risks, beauty-related risks...and just life risks in general. To say yes to things I normally wouldn't and most of all, to embrace change. Oh and of course, the classic 'eat healthier & exercise more'.
Apart from having to get use to writing 2014 each time now, I'm intrigued to what 2014 will bring...

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Any thoughts about 2013? 
What are some of your favourite moments or New Year resolutions?

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Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 // Style Roundup

As I was gathering images from this post, I sort of forgot how many outfits I've taken, and how the picture quality have changed - you can really see the transition from when I started my blog in May! The first few outfits are a bit cringe-worthy as being an amateur, I took them with my Nokia phone facing a mirror so needless to say, it's not of great quality :P 
Hope you enjoy nonetheless!

When I started blogging, my outfit pictures were taken with my Nokia phone & a mirror - not the best combination :P See how it's all grainy? So cringe worthy...

Casual in 'Paris' // Panda All Glammed Up // Lil' Mickey Mouse // I suck at thinking of OOTD post titles

Around August, I realised that we had a family Nikon - don't know how it took me that long - so I persuaded my sisters to take outfit pictures for me. The quality was wayyy better! I still couldn't find a great location though :P

I tried to go around my compound for outfit shoots, but was conscious & uncomfortable with people staring as they walk past. So after a few shoots, I abandoned that option. I also started naming my outfit posts after Harry Potter spells because I was (and still am) obsessed and didn't want to wreck my brains thinking of a great title each time

It wasn't until October that I decided the space outside my parent's bedroom - the balcony - with a blank wall would do :P And so it began...

Abandoned naming posts after spells because it was too tedious...Instead, I took my inspiration from quotes, lyrics and words!

If you've seen every single one of these outfits, I congratulate you for sticking with me from the start! Style-wise, I don't think it has changed that much though - although the quality sure has! Hope you enjoyed this round-up, it has definitely been a 'testing the waters' kind of year for me (:
My New Year resolution for 2014 fashion-wise would be to take better pictures and take more fashion risks & experiment!
Oh and, don't forget to follow me on LookBook & Chictopia!

Which outfit is your favourite?
Do you have any fashion related resolutions of your own?

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Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013 // Best of Blogs

As 2013 is coming to an end, I thought I'd start my series with my favourite blogs this year! 
Even though I only started blogging about 6 months ago, whenever any of these blogs pop up on my feed, no matter what they write, I still click!

Seryna from New Zealand! I'm really glad I stumbled upon her blog because she's got impeccable style that is quite similar to mine, although some of her outfits would require me to step outside my comfort zone a little (New Year's resolution?) Nevertheless, she looks great in anything she wears and her photography is amazeballs! I want her wardrobe.

I've always loved the vintage-y effect of Ellie's photographs - which by the way, are stunning - & her style is definitely unique! Quite different from mine, but I still gain inspiration from it (: She also seem to go to such wonderful places!

I just love Erica's writing style because it's humorous which makes it very interesting to read! Not only do I like her outfit posts, but the others as well! Oh and, her wallpaper background? Want.

Sometimes Jessica's style is similar to mine, sometimes it's not. Nevertheless, I love how she experiments with different pieces - which I would never have thought of in the first place!

I've only discovered Lauren's blog a few months ago, but I'm already loving it! Her pictures are set in the most picturesque places and her style is just so girly and lovely, just like how her personality comes across (to me) when she writes. Her beret collection is the best ever.

So these are my Top 5 blogs this year! I hope to discover more in the year 2014.
Which are some of your favourite blogs this year?

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Check out this lovely blog: 
a writer in love 

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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Under The Tree - Christmas '13

As I was writing the post title, I had the Little Mermaid song 'Under the Sea' stuck in my head :P I think 'Under the Tree' has quite a nice ring to it!
Anyway, can you believe that Christmas is over?! It really didn't last very long :( 
But Christmas isn't fully over for me unless it's the new year - which will be in 4 days - can you imagine that? Time really does pass so fast O.o
This year, I spent half the day with my lovely boyfriend (it just so happens that it was 2 years + 10 months) and since he's in the UK half the time, it was great to spend some time with him (: The other half, I spent with the fam bam cause this may be my last Christmas with them as I head to uni next year!
Because I love reading these kinds of posts myself, here's what I received for Christmas under the tree (which I'm really grateful for and appreciate loads!) and just what I did this year (:

My younger sister gave me this - which she edited & photoshopped herself! The aim of this was to make it like those things you get at photobooths and I think she did a great job. The background was originally blank white walls, but as you can see, she made it wood-like and even added reindeer ears to make it more festive! It's currently on my vanity mirror and will be the perfect keepsake for when I go off to university!

See those grey pants? Yea, my dad got a pair for each of us (in different colours) and calls them 'soft pants'. He insisted in getting us these because he saw some girls wear them in Cambodia and liked them. At first, I was really hesitant, but now I actually really like them! And, they're super comfy too! He put them in the plastic container which he says is for snacks :P

My youngest sister gave me a lovely bright coral bag (love love love it) and a pair of dragonfly earrings. My aunt got me a pair of headphones which is great because my current ones are breaking D:

My sisters are myself wearing our 'soft pants'. The theme in our area this year was 'Purple Christmas' - don't ask why :P

I also got some makeup items from my mum! Revlon lip butters (Always wanted to try these - review coming up soon!), gold eyeliner (i like my glitter) and makeup remover because I was out :P

And who can leave out candy. Hershey's Cookies & Cream are my absolute favourite!

The final present I got (well, it was actually the first) was this amazing Hogwarts acceptance letter to meeeee! The boyfriend knew how obsessed I was with Harry Potter (very) and got this personalised, which was awesome :D

It even came with an owl! It had a little clip right below the branch to clip the letter - how ingenius. I'm going to be putting him on my bedroom door. The letter claimed that my letter was late because Tawny the 438 years old owl got lost :( But never mind, it's only 6 years late :') Haven't named this one yet...

It was addressed to me and had the seal at the back and the letters inside and everything - even the equipment list for first years! I think I will need to get a set of robes next...

And who can forget a train ticket to the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9 and 3/4 ;) ;)
Guys, I'm going Hogwarts ;)

Our Christmas dinner was very simple. Apart from the lamb - which we ordered - everything else was made by us! Mash potatoes, salad...sparkling juice...it was delicious and we had tons leftover! Definitely eaten more than my weight's worth these past few days...not sure how many weeks of exercise it'll take to work it off :P

Our dessert. Can you believe that my younger sisters made this themselves?! It definitely looks store bought. I thought they'd fail but...they surprised me :') My sister has the recipe HERE

Still can't believe we have to wait one more year until Christmas :(
Hope you all had an amazing one though & enjoyed it as much as I did!

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