Sunday, 9 June 2013

OOTD + Super mini haul + Sunday Shenanigans

Sunday Shenanigans

This morning, I took part in the annual Aquathlon that my school hosts. It's a relatively small event where you have to swim and run. For my age category, I had to swim 400m and run 2.5km. The competition was alright (: Although I know now that I have to run more :P Most proud of my dad though who participated in the adult race (400m swim + 4km run) cause he trained every morning (no joke!)
Anyway, although it was fun, it was also super tiring and I now have blisters & muscle cramps :( On the bright side, we got to go have ice cream afterwards :D Swensens anyone? (:
Me after the Aquathlon

Super Mini Haul

The camera doesn't quite capture the true colour.... but this is a light sandy brown cardigan (: I love my neutrals and I already have a black and grey one & this was SUPER cheap! So I thought, why not! 
Brand: Mango


An off-white sweater that I've been looking for for ages! It's super thin which is perfect because the country I live in is super hot D: The sleeves stop 3/4 of the way down the arm and cinches at the end as well at the bottom which is great because it gives the body some shape instead of it being super baggy and oversized. After saying that, this sweater is oversized (for me) which I'm happy about because I can wear this anywhere and with anything!
Brand: Mango

And I got some boring stationery because I was in need of pens, rubber and notebooks for revision. Oh, the joy of being a student.

OOTD: What I Wore

Top: Gifted by mum who bought it in Hong Kong
Skirt: idk what it in a garage sale :D
Bag: Gifted by mum for Christmas
Necklace: Gifted by friend for birthday
Hairband: Bought in Korea

Even though I've had the striped top and the skirt in my closet for a while now, I've never thought of pairing them together - would you believe it? This outfit is again, quite neutral & I paired it with the bright pink/purple necklace and bag to give it some colour. Not sure if you can quite see my hair, but it's in a French braid (:
So this was what I did on Sunday (: How were yours?

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