Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Beginner's Guide to Blogging

Hey guys, today I'm linking up with Jacquelyn for the first ever "Tip Tuesday". This week's theme is... *drum roll* Blogging Tips! (:
Since I've only started blogging myself about a month ago, I admittedly do not have that much experience. However, I would like to share with you a few 'starter' tips on getting started and making a name for your blog in the blogosphere (love that word). 
Without further adieu, here's a beginner's guide to blogging:
1. Think of a good URL

The best URLs are catchy, easy to write and thus, easy to remember. You can draw your URL inspiration from anything! Your favourite things, the main focus of your blog, favourite song...anything and everything. Unleash your creativity!
2. What will your blog be about?

There are loads of different 'types' of blogs. Beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food, hair, fitness...anything you can think of. It's often that you'll connect with bloggers in the blogosphere with similar interests as yours (: Your blog can be a combination of a few topics but it's best if they're generally related. Most importantly, it should reflect your interests and your personality because then, it'll make blogging regularly a whole lot easier, interesting and more fun!
3. Posts planning

Like everything else in life, it's much easier to have a plan so you know what you'll write about each day of the week. And if something interesting suddenly comes up, you can easily shift your schedule without being disorganized and going crazy trying to remember what post was scheduled for what day. 
4. Pictures, pictures, pictures

It's boring to just read a large chunk of text so spice up your posts by having pictures! You don't really need to invest in a super expensive and professional Canon or Nikon, but just make sure that it's of reasonably good quality and has top notch content. You can also take pictures from the Internet but be sure to source them if possible!
5. Layout: Simplicity is key

Your layout is what everyone will first see when they go on to your blog so that will be their first impression! My tip would be to make it aesthetically pleasing by keeping it neat, have a colour scheme with no more than 4 colours and a pretty yet simple background - either printed or just plain! Have a nice header that's unique and creative and play with fonts - but have no more than 2/3 different ones! No two blogs are the same so tweak it, spice it up and make it yours.
Want more blogging tips? Check them out here! (click on the image below)

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  1. Great post! It's so nice to have blogging tips from someone just getting started! Thanks for linking up

  2. When I started blogging I didn´t really think about the future but now I would say that it´s important to have an url than matches the theme of your blog and to know that writing good posts takes a lot of time ;)

  3. Wow, thank you so much for the tips - I definitely need to work better on post planning:-(

    1. So do I! The problem with me is that I try to plan... but sometimes I don't follow it :P

  4. You're definitely off to a strong start in this little blogging world!


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