Friday, 7 June 2013

Star Trek Into the Darkness + OOTD

Double post today! Yayyy! Since today was the last day of my end of year exams, my friends and I thought we'd throw a mini celebration by going to the cinemas and watch... STAR TREK - INTO THE DARKNESS! Wheeee! It is the 12th installment in the Star Trek franchise and the sequel to Star Trek (2009)

Director: J.J Abrams
Notable actor/actress: Chris Pine; Zachary Quinto; Zoe Saldana; Benedict Cumberbatch; Alice Eve; Simon Pegg; Karl Urban

My verdict:
Without giving too much away, Star Trek - Into the Darkness is an action sci-fi film. To be honest, I'm not really into that kind of thing & just went along because my friends suggested it... but after watching the movie, I LOVE IT.  Although it is like most sci fi films with cool gadgets and shiz, the plot is amazing - lots of twists & unexpected events. I tried to guess what would happen next...but got it wrong everytime :( That just goes to show how intense and unpredictable (in a good way) this movie is! Whether you're a sci-fi fan or not, this movie is worth watching! Let's just say, future London = freaking awesome.

If this didn't entice you, go check out the trailer:

OOTD / What I Wore

Top: Cotton On
Shorts: Unbranded
Nude tank top (underneath): Forever 21
Bag: Cotton On

Since I practically only had time to leave school after my last exam (which was Maths, ew.), come home & change, I opt for something simple and decided to play with neutrals! Hence the gold headband, tan/sandy coloured cropped tank & grey, tie-dye like shorts. The tank top was cotton mesh (...yea that's how I am going to describe it) which meant it was see through so I wore a nude tank to not make it obvious (: I love my grey tie-dye shorts because I have too many denim ones! Plus, they are frayed at the bottom! Got my bag as a Christmas present from mum a few years ago & it's still going strong (: It's big enough to fit almost everything but the down side is that you can't be too many heavy things in there and there are no compartments so it's hard to find what you want sometimes :/
(Please excuse the stains :/)

Shoes: Vincci

I was going to wear my gold glittery flats, but I was in a rush & couldn't find them so I thought the next best thing would be my favourite floral flats (: AND it sort of matched my bag too :D

Have you watched Star Trek - how did you like it? (:

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  1. Really cute shoes :) Haven't seen Star Trek yet - will be though :) Loved the first one!

    New GFC follower here :)


    1. Aww thank you! (: I actually haven't watched the first one :P But I will definitely be downloading it!

      Followed right back (:

  2. Star Trek has definitely become my favourite movie I've seen this year! So good! Your outfit's really cute too :)

    1. Agreed! One of the best ones (: Hehe, thank you! (: x


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