Friday, 7 June 2013

Trend Report: Cropped Bustier/Bralet (Part 1/2)

From L-R: Lashes Bralet Lace Top (House of Fraser) //  Mara Hoffman Bustier Top (Les Nouvelles) //
 Electric Tropical Print Bustier (Forever 21) // Barbie Comic Zip Bra (Miss Selfridge)

Cropped bustier (or as some people call them 'bralets'): Not to be confused with a bralette - which is a really really small girly bra

This what I am currently coveting. Unsurprisingly, it's become a huge trend and guess what? It's perfect for summer when you want to keep cool! Even though it goes with just about anything, there's a fine line between classy and trashy with this item because it there's a lot of skin baring going on! So here's how to wear this trend without looking like a ______ but yet exposing a little subtle sexiness:

#1: Think high waisted! - not only does it accentuates your waist, but prevents more than unwanted/inappropriate baring of midriff 

#2: If you're petite (like me): Try wearing maxi skirts or flared trousers/pants to give the illusion of height

#3: Think you're exposing too much? Just wear a blazer or cardigan

#4: STILL think you're exposing much more than you're comfortable with? Layer it over a fitted top (not those flowy ones) - yes, that's kinda cheating but shhhh...

#5 Let it peek out under a half buttoned blouse or V neck top

#6: Get one that FITS and has the right amount of boob-coverage! You don't want it to spill out!

#7 Under a flowy, light summer dress/ loose top with large armholes to turn it into a bandeau and to give your outfit a little peek of colour. BUT: Try to stray away from lace ones if the top is sheer because it could be mistaken for lingerie!

With so many styles (strapless, super cropped, halter neck...) and patterns (denim, floral, polka dots...) to choose from, there's definitely one to suit everyone! It just depends what level you're comfortable with!

  Check back next time where I will show you how I (and others) will style it!

Update: PART 2 is up HERE

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  2. I loved the cropped bustiers trend! I wish I could pull them off... maybe with a high-wasted skirt or something I could :)



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