Friday, 21 June 2013

"I sit before flowers, hoping they will train me in the art of opening up"

Image source: Tumblr // (I added the quote on the post)
Maybe because it's almost summer, but I have a sudden fondness of flowers or anything floral. They are delicate yet gorgeous and only 'open up' or bloom during certain seasons.

Now why did I incorporate that quote? I'm extremely quiet and not that outgoing - well, until you REALLY get to know me that is... where I will seem like a ball of crazy :P But you got to come to me first :P
Admittedly I'm not that talkative which means I rarely 'open up' to people (not even those I trust 100%) and tend to keep everything bottled up inside me - which may be the best and worst thing. 
I guess I'm afraid of what everyone else will think and so this blog is sort of a baby step (:

I'm working on being more outgoing and just a teeny bit less reserve. Maybe I will bloom at the right time? Hehehe (:

How about you? Are you more open or reserve?

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