Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Father's Day Daddy (:

(L-R): Dad, Meeee, younger sister no.2, younger sister no.1

I believe this picture is about a  year old now...but I didn't want to spend ages trawling through our photo archive so yea (: I may not get along with my dad ALL the time, but regardless, he's an incredibly patient person & no matter how many guys I date, you'll always be my Number 1 man ;) Heheh, here's a message to him:

Happy Father's Day Daddy! I know it's not easy raising the 3 of us and we may not have given you the easiest of times...but you've managed it so far :D Thanks for always being there and yes, although you're probably the only dad that will ever attempt to sing songs by Taylor Swift, screenshot every answer you got right on 4 pics 1 word, wear your new '5 finger' shoes EVERYWHERE...and although we sometimes cringe at your antics... we still love you Daddy (: 

Oh and Happy Father's Day to my uncles and grandpa, as well as all the fathers there are out there (:
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  1. Yuen, I'm so happy you have such an incredible father! The picture and your post are just melting my heart♥♥♥

    1. Aww, thank you so much! Even though we get into disagreements, he's definitely one of a kind (:


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