Sunday, 8 December 2013

OOTD // Let It Snow


 Top: Mango // Dress (worn underneath): gifted by grand-aunt // Flats: Padini // Bag: Ebay //
Beanie: unbranded // Necklace: Ebay

Long sleeved tops over a dress never fails to be a great layering combination for this time of year! Something simple and casual with a pop of colour a la bag which I got for a bargainous price on ebay! The statement necklace I'm wearing is also something I picked up on ebay for only US$ 2! But somehow, I can't seem to find the item again! :( :(

This beanie actually has an interesting story. I bought it during an International Award (Duke of Edinburgh - for some of you) expedition because we had to hike up this mountain that was also a touristic sight. There were small local shops, but since we weren't allowed to buy food or beverages, I thought I'd get this beanie! I love how it's multi coloured and has a huge (sort of) pom-pom at the back :D

By the way, watched Catching Fire during the weekends and let me tell you, it's one of the best book-to-movie adaptations in my opinion. Although they did leave out some details - i.e the video footage of how the other victors won their games, that would've been so interesting - it was still pretty damn close. The arena was exactly how I imagined it to be. Love love love that movie! Can't wait for the third one, although it's aeons away :( Which reminds me, I have to re-read the trilogy during Christmas break!

Also, took part in a 5km run this weekend and now, my leg muscles are so sore D: 
Ran it in 33 minutes - is that fast? Just glad I didn't stop at all during the run :')

Oh and, update on my UCAS, I got an offer from the University of Exeter to study PPE! My first offer but hey, at least a university wants me - happy days :')
Right now, I can't wait for school to end! A week and a half to go!

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