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2013 // Reflection

After Christmas, time just pasts so fast!
My dad told me to reflect on the year 2013- that is about to end, can you believe it? - and what better way to do it than a blog post. I was originally going to do a round-up, but somehow, that seems to mundane so instead, this is a nice ramble from me to you. 

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2013 was really a 'meh' sort of year for me as it was one of my most important years of high school. From January to July, it was studying none stop, mocks, more school related stress. I literally had no time to breathe. Yet, to try to overcome that stress, I procrastinated by creating my slice of the web (this blog) on my 17th birthday in May. At first, I didn't know what I wanted it to be, and since I've always failed at keeping diaries and journals, I could only wonder how long this would last :P 
But hey, I'm still here, aren't I? ;) 

I've always loved fashion - increasingly so it the last few years, so I decided that would be my main 'niche' (if you could call it that). But I also wanted to document bits of my life so I threw in lifestyle and occasionally bits of beauty (with which I'm still not really good at - although, I did write a 'Know Your Lippies' guide) My first beauty post was the infamous 'What's in my makeup bag?' post
During summer, I started my 5 part Summer Series and went to Pulau Redang - a gorgeous beach - with my family! Oh, and I attempted the 30 day Ab Challenge which I didn't get really far with...oops... My greatest achievement thought? Mastering the double braided hairband hairstyle ;)

After summer, I started my final year of high school. And school work only got worse. More deadlines, more homework...more everything. With university applications (I can proudly say that I got offers to 2 so far!) to perfect and the future ahead, the pressure was enormous. Thank goodness for this Christmas break - check out my Christmas Countdown series!The first term passed so slowly I thought it'd never come. Towards the end, there were some family drama, but let's not go into that. 

Blogging-wise though, it has been great! Even though I've only had about 6-7 months in the blogging world, I've acquired loads of inspiration from different people in different parts of the world. I've never actually realised how big the blogging community is! I started off slow and didn't really know what I was doing - which is evident in my Style Roundup Post. But I learned along the way & I think I've got a pretty good grasp now! I've really enjoyed thinking of post ideas, taking & editing pictures and pouring my thoughts into words. Why, I've reached an astonishing 979+ followers as I write this! :O :O :O I hope I will continue this in 2014!

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Nevertheless, I think next year (2014) will be different - not sure in a positive or negative way though.  I'm a person who dislikes change, but next year, that will be inevitable. The first 5 months will be hell - revising for my final exams to be able to get the grades to go to university. Also, not only will I be moving houses soon, but after summer, I'll be going to university (can't believe I'm writing this - I thought high school lasted forever?). I hope I get into my first/second choice in the UK and if I do, it'll be a rollercoaster ride for which I'm both excited and afraid...but I'll save those thoughts for a later post.

Besides working hard and achieving the best possible grades in my final exams, my goals for the year 2014 is to take more risks. To take more fashion-related risks, beauty-related risks...and just life risks in general. To say yes to things I normally wouldn't and most of all, to embrace change. Oh and of course, the classic 'eat healthier & exercise more'.
Apart from having to get use to writing 2014 each time now, I'm intrigued to what 2014 will bring...

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Any thoughts about 2013? 
What are some of your favourite moments or New Year resolutions?

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