Monday, 2 December 2013

Hello December, Byebye November

IT IS FINALLY DECEMBER!!! (not sorry about the excessive use of CAPS and exclamation marks) 
This is probably my favourite month - I love it even more than my birthday month! Come on, who doesn't like Christmas? I can't wait to begin to hear Christmas carols, see Christmas decorations and trees all around town and put up my own Christmas tree at home! Oh and, be on Christmas vacation -  ithink I deserve a break (: The only thing missing is snow and the cool weather - something you never get when you live in an Asian country :( 
Ohhh well...


This month was just super busy in terms of schoolwork and academic related things which can really get you down, stress you out, and wonder why you're even studying in the first place! All the big deadlines, university applications...yea, November wasn't such a great month :(

What December will bring (I hope):

- The boyfriend is coming back in a week and a bit from so I'm super excited & it'd be great to spend Christmas with him C:
- Christmas and all its goodies.
- A break from school - well...not exactly...I guess I get to sleep in more... but I have my mocks to revise for D: D: Whyyyy!

Anyway, here's a recap of all my posts during the month of November in case you missed any, or are new! (in that case, welcome to my little slice of the web!)

Outfits of November:

Wishlists of November:

Random posts of November:

On the not so bright side, I am falling ill AND I have a Chemistry test tomorrow, help meeeeee!

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