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HAUL // Missguided

About a month ago, I won a £40 Missguided voucher at a giveaway! So I thought I'd show you what I bought (: All of the things were from the 'Sweet Deal' range which was quite amazing as I bought quite a bit for just a mere £40! They were all plain and more like basic staple pieces - which I thought my wardrobe needed more of. Besides, I can match them in a million different ways!

All of these pieces are made of jersey material which means it's super comfy! I haven't washed any yet, but given the material, I'm hoping it doesn't stretch! Sometimes, it's a wonder how much clothes sell for, when they're just bits of fabric cut up!

Oh and, on the site, all these pieces come in a million lots of colours which means if you want, you can have the same piece in all the colours of the rainbow! I know I do!

Some of the colours on the pictures didin't seem to turn out like it is, so I included images from the site as well

No clue why it looks black/purple in the photograph, it's meant to be navy! Just a basic crop top which you can wear underneath something sheer, or matched with anything high waisted really. Super versatile (:

I actually got this for my sister cause she wanted something like this. I couldn't find the scarlet colour online, but just to give you an idea of what it looks like, there's the burgundy one. With this, I wear a size 6/8 but this comes up quite large so...get a size smaller with this one.

Another basic crop top. I've just realized, I have loads of black crop tops in my wardrobe...maybe an excuse to stock up on other colors? :P

I've been seeing this loads previously and wanted one! I chose the scarlet one as it's a bold colour so it can be dressed up or down - especially with the cut outs! It says tunic, but if you're 5'1 (156cm) or shorter, you can pass it off as a dress! Yayyy! But if you're taller than that, let's not expose some bum shall we... 

One of my favourite purchases! It looks way better worn on than the picture suggests. Ever so slightly sheer, but that doesn't really bother me. I'm petite, so this does come up quite long, but nothing a great pair of heels can't fix! It's made of jersey material, so it clings to your body beautifully and creates an amazing silhouette - slims you down! With the thigh split, it's even more gorgeous. I was just thinking, this would look amazing with a tan, as it's such a light colour!
 I'm just afraid that as the elastic in the bust area isn't that good, it might slip down on the strapless side...if that makes sense...
I bought this to wear for my graduation in 6 months! Wheeee! Just found out that the theme is Gatsby, but this dress sort of fits ;)

In the picture, it looks kind of bright purple, but it's not - it's more like the website image, a darker shade of purple. What I like about this is that, it ends at the perfect place - just above my knee ever so slightly, Being petite, I never really know how long the dresses will be if they don't have a petite range and I hate it when it ends at an awkward length but this didn't! It's super flattering as well.

Another favourite purchase - it's super comfy and so flowy that I want to spin around in it all day! It clings, and flares out at the right places, ends at the perfect length and just so versatile! You can layer it, wear a blouse underneath, belt it...anything and everything. I love the burgundy colour - so appropriate for Christmas!
 Again, I couldn't find the burgundy shade, so I included the scarlet one instead.

If the prices don't add up to £40, it's because it's been a month and some of things have been reduced even further - which is great news for you! Seriously though, they've got great, versatile basics at bargain prices.
Which do you like?

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