Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas Countdown // Day 4 = 4 Festive Nail Art Ideas

Only 4 days to Christmas now! Wheeeeee! 
(Pssst, if you missed yesterday's post, I got you covered! It's hereeeeeee)
Although I am absolutely hopeless at painting my own nails, here are 4 amazing Christmassy nail art designs that you could gain inspiration from to amp up the festivity! Hopefully you'll do a wayyy better job than me :P

*credits go to their respective owners that are wayyy more talented than me*

I love this snowflake design that actually looks quite simple to achieve, that maybe even I can give it a go! 

Image source
I love how there's a combination of Christmassy themed things going on in this so if you don't know which to choose... CHOOSE THEM ALL! The Santa Claus and Candy cane stripes are the best in my opinion (:


If you're not into hard core Christmas novelty themed nails, this is more subtle, classy and still festive (:

Image source

This is another adorable one that I think will be actually quite simple to achieve! Lovveeeee it!

On a side note, I got my early Christmas present from the good people of UCAS because... I got a conditional offer to the University of Bath! Yayyy! It's one of my top choices so I'm quite happy (:
Also, it's the beginning of Christmas holidays which is amazing cause I can't wake up naturally and without an alarm! Bliss.
Oh and, if you want more Christmas goodness, my Pinterest is HERE (:

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