Saturday, 28 December 2013

Under The Tree - Christmas '13

As I was writing the post title, I had the Little Mermaid song 'Under the Sea' stuck in my head :P I think 'Under the Tree' has quite a nice ring to it!
Anyway, can you believe that Christmas is over?! It really didn't last very long :( 
But Christmas isn't fully over for me unless it's the new year - which will be in 4 days - can you imagine that? Time really does pass so fast O.o
This year, I spent half the day with my lovely boyfriend (it just so happens that it was 2 years + 10 months) and since he's in the UK half the time, it was great to spend some time with him (: The other half, I spent with the fam bam cause this may be my last Christmas with them as I head to uni next year!
Because I love reading these kinds of posts myself, here's what I received for Christmas under the tree (which I'm really grateful for and appreciate loads!) and just what I did this year (:

My younger sister gave me this - which she edited & photoshopped herself! The aim of this was to make it like those things you get at photobooths and I think she did a great job. The background was originally blank white walls, but as you can see, she made it wood-like and even added reindeer ears to make it more festive! It's currently on my vanity mirror and will be the perfect keepsake for when I go off to university!

See those grey pants? Yea, my dad got a pair for each of us (in different colours) and calls them 'soft pants'. He insisted in getting us these because he saw some girls wear them in Cambodia and liked them. At first, I was really hesitant, but now I actually really like them! And, they're super comfy too! He put them in the plastic container which he says is for snacks :P

My youngest sister gave me a lovely bright coral bag (love love love it) and a pair of dragonfly earrings. My aunt got me a pair of headphones which is great because my current ones are breaking D:

My sisters are myself wearing our 'soft pants'. The theme in our area this year was 'Purple Christmas' - don't ask why :P

I also got some makeup items from my mum! Revlon lip butters (Always wanted to try these - review coming up soon!), gold eyeliner (i like my glitter) and makeup remover because I was out :P

And who can leave out candy. Hershey's Cookies & Cream are my absolute favourite!

The final present I got (well, it was actually the first) was this amazing Hogwarts acceptance letter to meeeee! The boyfriend knew how obsessed I was with Harry Potter (very) and got this personalised, which was awesome :D

It even came with an owl! It had a little clip right below the branch to clip the letter - how ingenius. I'm going to be putting him on my bedroom door. The letter claimed that my letter was late because Tawny the 438 years old owl got lost :( But never mind, it's only 6 years late :') Haven't named this one yet...

It was addressed to me and had the seal at the back and the letters inside and everything - even the equipment list for first years! I think I will need to get a set of robes next...

And who can forget a train ticket to the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9 and 3/4 ;) ;)
Guys, I'm going Hogwarts ;)

Our Christmas dinner was very simple. Apart from the lamb - which we ordered - everything else was made by us! Mash potatoes, salad...sparkling was delicious and we had tons leftover! Definitely eaten more than my weight's worth these past few days...not sure how many weeks of exercise it'll take to work it off :P

Our dessert. Can you believe that my younger sisters made this themselves?! It definitely looks store bought. I thought they'd fail but...they surprised me :') My sister has the recipe HERE

Still can't believe we have to wait one more year until Christmas :(
Hope you all had an amazing one though & enjoyed it as much as I did!

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