Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Countdown // 3 Days = 3 DIY Wrap 'em ups!

3 more days to Christmas! Yayyyy!
Have you finished your Christmas shopping/wrapping yet? If not, here is 3 amazing gift wrapping ideas that are sure to make your presents stand out from the rest!
My wrapping skills are abysmal - as long as it covers the gift, I'm good to go :P But these have given me a whole lot of inspiration!
If you want more Christmas themed things, I did a post on Nail Art Ideas and Recipes to try out!

*All DIY steps come from their respective creative owners!*

1. Reindeer Paper Bag

 I think these would be amazing for little kids - they'll love them! Or if the gift isn't that big or bulky, you can just pop it into a simple brown paper bag and decorate it a la Rudolph!

2. Santa


Another fun, festive, quirky one! And all you need is different coloured paper!

3. Personalised wrapping


This is more ideal for adults or for that classy event/gift. All you really need is ribbon and brown paper! I love how you can write messages on the wrapping to make it more personalised and special (:

And because I saw this and could not not share are some more wrapping ideas! Unleash that creativity!

I was pretty boring for my wrapping this year :P I had left over wrapping paper from last year so I just used that... but I would definitely love to try these though!
My Pinterest is HERE if you want more ideas!

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