Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 // Style Roundup

As I was gathering images from this post, I sort of forgot how many outfits I've taken, and how the picture quality have changed - you can really see the transition from when I started my blog in May! The first few outfits are a bit cringe-worthy as being an amateur, I took them with my Nokia phone facing a mirror so needless to say, it's not of great quality :P 
Hope you enjoy nonetheless!

When I started blogging, my outfit pictures were taken with my Nokia phone & a mirror - not the best combination :P See how it's all grainy? So cringe worthy...

Casual in 'Paris' // Panda All Glammed Up // Lil' Mickey Mouse // I suck at thinking of OOTD post titles

Around August, I realised that we had a family Nikon - don't know how it took me that long - so I persuaded my sisters to take outfit pictures for me. The quality was wayyy better! I still couldn't find a great location though :P

I tried to go around my compound for outfit shoots, but was conscious & uncomfortable with people staring as they walk past. So after a few shoots, I abandoned that option. I also started naming my outfit posts after Harry Potter spells because I was (and still am) obsessed and didn't want to wreck my brains thinking of a great title each time

It wasn't until October that I decided the space outside my parent's bedroom - the balcony - with a blank wall would do :P And so it began...

Abandoned naming posts after spells because it was too tedious...Instead, I took my inspiration from quotes, lyrics and words!

If you've seen every single one of these outfits, I congratulate you for sticking with me from the start! Style-wise, I don't think it has changed that much though - although the quality sure has! Hope you enjoyed this round-up, it has definitely been a 'testing the waters' kind of year for me (:
My New Year resolution for 2014 fashion-wise would be to take better pictures and take more fashion risks & experiment!
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Which outfit is your favourite?
Do you have any fashion related resolutions of your own?

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