Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Countdown // 1 DAY! - Decor Ideas

It's Christmas Eveeeeee! *does a little dance* And I thought this day would never come!
I was so busy yesterday that I missed the 2 day countdown! So sorry :(
For that, I'm giving you guys 2 amazing DIY Decor Ideas that you can make to spruce up your home and make it uber festive! 
Oh and, if you missed the Festive Nail Art Ideas, DIY Wrap 'em ups and Christmas recipes...you can have a read of them now!

*Pictures and tutorials go to their respective owners*

1. Snow Globes


I've always loved snow globes because they're so whimsical and it's just full of wintery goodness! Especially when you shake it and the 'snow' goes around...how cool would it be to make your own?

2. Christmas Wreaths


Everyone needs a Christmas wreath at the front of their door! My favourite is the very top multi-coloured felt one if you're after something quirky, but I also love the very right one in the second row as it's more classy, yet has that festive vibe. I envy people who can make these :(

Here's a sneak peek of how my house is decorated :D

Presents from the family - I spy one with my name on it ;)

Hope you guys have a fabulous Christmas Eve and are just as excited as I am! 

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with love, adriana renee 

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