Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wishlist Wednesday #19 // Smock That Frock

1. Baby Doll Dress in Floral Multi Print : Motel Rocks£32 // US$55
2. King of the Jungle Smock Dress : Minkpink£38.50 // US$69.87
3. Backstreet Bandits Smock Dress : Minkpink - £16.50 // US$29.95
4. Woven Smock Dress in Floral Print : Daisy Street£29.99 // US$54.43
5. Helping Hand Smock Dress : Minkpink£16.50 // US$29.95

Even though the smock epidemic seems to have died down, I still really love them! There's something about that over-sized, baggy yet cute and dressy look that I adore so much - oh and, they're super comfy too! And, they come in loads of quirky designs! During this time of year, they would be a great layering piece.
I would love love love to get my hands on the Helping Hand Smock Dress - loving the shoulder cut outs - and the King of the Jungle Smock Dress! Right, they're going on my wishlist...
If you want to see more smock dresses goodness, my Shopcade list here has loadsssss!

School finally ended today - about time! Although we were rejoicing like it's the end of the school year, we've only finished the 1st Term. But seriously though, it felt like forever. This break is much needed. Didn't do anything after school today cause hey, first day of holidays, I am chillaxin'. Tomorrow though, day one commences and it's full speed ahead for mocks revisions D:

Tried to paint my nails today and be all fancy with nail art. Lets just say, I should never work at a nail palour and that my nail art skills are only limited to dots.

Do you have an obsession with smock dresses?
Have a merry merry christmas!

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