Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"What's in my makeup bag?" Series: LIPS

1. Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Stick in 'Plum Perfect': This is probably the first lipstick I bought (: Overall, I like the formula - it's not drying (although I always put lip balm first), it seems to moisturize my lips & have sort of a creamy feel. The colour is slightly different from the swatch because it wasn't the deep 'plum' colour I envisioned in my mind, but a little brighter. Nevertheless, I believe I'll grow to like it (: As you build it up, it gets to more of a brighter pinkish purple (i'm not good at describing colours). Although in pictures it looks deep red... O.o Maybe it's because my lip colour is naturally coloured already. BUT, this colour is still wearable (:

2. Menard Lip Stick in 'Cherry Luster Pink': Stole this from my mum & although the colour is super bright/neon pink, it's not THAT pink on my coloured lips. Overall, it gives a subtle hint of colour - although I guess you can increase the intensity at will & go for Nicki Minaj-esque lips - and is actually quite nice and not scary (:

L-R: Anti-oxidant Berry; Smoothing Cherry; Mango Pie
3. Maybelline Baby Lips SPF 20 Lip Balm: As you can probably see, that is my go-to and favourite lip balm. I have this in, Anti-oxidant berry (which I'm currently using), Smoothing Cherry (unopened!) and Mango Pie. These lip balms are miracle workers. I use them everyday, before putting on any lip products... and they really do hydrate my lips and keep them moisturised... but not for the whole 8 hours like they claim though. When applied, it's colourless but leave a slight sheen. And the best part? THEY SMELL DIVINE. I would love to collect every single scent.

4. Candy Cupcake Lip Gloss: Simply a clear coloured gloss which I sometimes put over my lip tint or lipstick when I want them to look fuller or well, glossy :P What I love most about this is the smell because it smells just like VANILLA (my favourite scent of all time) & cupcakes! You can't beat that.

5. Marks & Spencers Lip Gloss: Probably my first makeup item that I got from a pen pal from England (: I adore this colour. It's a deep purply red/maroon and it's shiny! Together it goes super duper well with my skin tone (: I've been trying to find this exact colour in lipstick style!

6. Kaka Lip Tint: I really love this item! In the swatch it looks scarily bright pink/fuschia but it really isn't! I actually wear this to school my dabbing a small amount on my lips to give it a subtle hint of colour so it looks natural and not overdone - which is my favourite kind of look. This product is long lasting and you can put as many layers on as you wish to build the colour intensity- so it does actually become bright pink :P However, since it's a tint, it does dry your lips so don't forget lip balm!

I don't think that these swatches do the colour justice :(  & I purposely missed out the lip balm cause it's colourless - don't worry, I can count from 1 to 6 :P

What lip products do you have in your makeup bag?

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  1. nice!

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  2. Awwww baby lips are amazing :D :D love them xx

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