Friday, 24 May 2013

Rainbows, Cupcakes & Goodies

Today was a mixed day but still not a bad one nonetheless (: But I shall show somethings that I picked up todayyy at various places!
First up, cupcakes! A friend of ours from the swim-team bought not one, but SIX boxes of cupcakes (that's right) that said "Good Luck at swimming gala" before training. I had tons of fun eating them & hopefully I will have just as much fun competing tomorrow :P
Apologies for the bad quality! Took this with my phone. As you can see, some have been eaten :D
Next up, some stuff I bought at the grocery store for snacks during the swim meet tomorrow (: Omnomnomnom

Nature's Sensation: Winter Fruit - Dried Mixed Berries (Blueberries, Cherries, Cranberries & Golden Raisins): I love love love dried fruit - especially dried cranberries - they are my go-to 'healthy' snack because it's super sweet yet juicy and tasty (:  Anyway, they ran out of my usual cranberries so I thought I'd try this one with more variations which was alright because I like 3/4 of the fruit mentioned (not so keen on raisins in general :/) I've been snacking on them & they do not disappoint :D

Kit Kat Chunky; Mars Bars; Snickers: Dad got these for me & well. the chocolate balances out the berries :P I'm a huge fan of chocolate in general & would eat almost any kind. I love Kit Kat, although not very keen on the chunky kinds as in my opinion, there's too much chocolate & not enough biscuit! I prefer the normal ones - the ratio is perfect :D  I don't eat Mars Bars or Snickers often simply because the chewy sticky bits get stuck in my teeth which I hate so I've tend to stray away from them. But apart from that, they're quite good (:

Finally, I went to a nearby stationery shop to pick up some felt tipped pens that are suitable for writing notes in for my revision - since exams are starting :( 

Yes, that's a humongous life-sized teddy (:

As you can see, the tip is really small which makes it perfect for writing notes in (: And those pens weren't expensive at all! I believe that colour is great for revision because it helps you separate sections out easily, emphasise the important bits and it's been scientifically proven that colour helps your brain remember things easily ;) I may write a post about revision tips as exams are near so be sure to check back!

Do you have any revision tips of your own?

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