Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Once Upon A Time (S02E21)

Episode Title: "Second Star to the Right"

So if you do not wish to find out what happens, close your eyes and keep scrolling (:

  Once Upon A Time is one of those TV series that can be very interesting as it mushes fairytale stories and adds a slight twist into them - which I love. However, I always wonder whether they'll run out of stories and there's only so much they can do before it starts getting ridiculous!  

I thought today's episode was one of the best yet - the episode that I was waiting for amidst all the drama! It was just the right amount of intense and I actually felt myself being scared for Neal and Regina. The plot of Once Upon A Time has been stagnant and very 'meh' so far... but I hope they're starting to pick up following this one!

 I loved how they incorporated the story of Peter Pan and the little evil twist they put on it that's contrary to the Disney version. I thought the 'quest' Tamara & Neal are embarking on could turn out both ways. Interesting or ridiculous cause the idea is rather far-fetched to begin with.

  But, this episode ended on a few cliff hangers which I am excited to get answers to! How did Neal escape Captain Hook? Did he survive going through the portal? Will the residents of Storybrook be able to stop Tamara & Neal from using the trigger?
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