Thursday, 23 May 2013

Mum & Dad's 18th Anniversary

I'm so sorry for not posting lately - been incredibly busy revising & catching up on homework due to end of year exams coming soon :/ *worried*
Anyway, on Tuesday the 21st of May, it was my parents' 18th (I believe) wedding anniversary! 

I wore:
Dress: Kitschen
(It's my to-go LBD and I opted for a classy and elegant look)

Heels (not pictured): Aldo
They're super glittery and gold and I wore them ONCE to prom so I thought this was the perfect occasion to dig them out :D

Clutch: gifted

Gold chandelier earrings: boutique

Hairdo: half-up, half-down braided
(idk, what you call that hair style :/)

The fam-bam before we left
(L-R) Younger sister numero 1; ME; Dad; Mum; Younger sister numero 2

Me being silly C:

Dad treated us to a buffet dinner at Legend Hotel and it was omnomnomnom, food heaven. I always have a sweet spot for desserts and needless to say, it didn't disappoint! The setting was incredible, the food was ah-mazing, and the desserts were no doubt the best part :D Chocolate fondue anyone? Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take any pictures of the food :( And at the end of the night, ALL of us were stuffed. We bring the meaning of 'gluttony' to a whole new level :P

My sisters and myself being us (:

It was a lovely evening & although my parents do have their not-so-minor squabbles, they've managed to handle me so far that must be a good thing ;)
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