Monday, 6 May 2013


  So... after several failed attempts blogging in the past, I have started a new blog! As this year as well as the upcoming years will be a very important part of my life, I've decided to document it :D And I so I spent a great deal of time customizing it & waited for this day to come before I wrote my first ever post cause it felt right. Btw, just to warn you, I like to ramble.

  It's my 17th birthdayyyy! Wheeeeeeeeee (: 

But somehow, this day just feels like any other day. Apart from the 'Happy Birthday' wishes from class mates and messages on Facebook (which I love btw), this day felt like my normal Monday school routine. I've always felt that 17 was an awkward age. It's right in between the 'Sweet 16' and the legal age (18 - in most countries). It's like the dip in between all that goodness. & it's a prime number! Prime numbers are always weird.

  And I guess it's just what happens when you grow up. The more 'birthdays' you past, the less significance they hold. I remember getting all excited when I was younger that my birthday was in a week or a day... but now there isn't much difference. Ohhh the woes of growing old - you don't look forward to all those little things. And I haven't had a party since I was like 12 so... not much celebrating :P

  Okay I guess I do sound quite cynical but I promise you I'm usually not! :P On the brighter note, I'm 365 days older than I was, same height as ever and hopefully more mature + wiser - I bet my parents wish that :P AND, the new episode of Once Upon A Time is out to torrent so I shall neglect some of my homework and watch that :D I guess today isn't so bad after all (:

  Here's to my 17th birthday, I shall enjoy my 6 hours & 40 mins left of it C:


Dad came home & bought me an ice-cream cake! They are one of my all time favourites - and from Baskin Robbins too! The flavours inside was Strawberry Cheesecake + Chocolate which may sound like an odd combination, but extremely good. There are leftovers which I plan to have for my snack indulgence in the days to come ;)

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