Sunday, 30 June 2013

Adios Google Reader, Hola Bloglovin'

As many of you may know, Google Reader is shutting down on July the 1st! 
Bloglovin' as always been my preferred 'blog reading' method from the very start so I'm okay with that, but I know that some of you follow me by GFC and I wouldn't want to lose a single one of you!

So if you enjoy reading my blog and its daily ramblings, please do follow me on Bloglovin' (link at end of post) or by my various social media platforms (:

Do keep connected! 

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Summer Series #6 // Fashion Essentials

Image Source

My sixth post in the Summer Series. To read the other posts, go HERE (under 'Summer 2013 Series')

What's great about summer is that you can have a completely new wardrobe to welcome the warmer weather! The aim however, is to stay cool in the heat. So think less layers, and more flowy, light material! (Sorry for the different sized pictures :/ ) 

Here are my top 10 fashion essentials this summer:

1 // 2 // 3

Cover ups - graphic tees, tank tops, kimonos, crop tops... the options are endless
Perfect to throw on over your bikini when you're in a hurry or when you do not wish to show too much skin (:

1 // 2 // 3
Can be transformed into a cover up, or just a simple, breezy dress to wear either at a night beach party or when you're out and about (:

1 // 2  // 3
A more elegant and sophisticated version of the sundress in my opinion. Just as flowy, but enables you to cover up more leg and could be an emergency solution when you have an unplanned fancy dinner night out!

1 // 2 // 3
To me, rompers always scream summer as they are so lightweight! They have a greater mobility than a dress, but are equally as trendy (:

1 // 2 // 3
Ditch those jeans for shorts! It'll keep you cooler! Don't just go for plain old denim shorts though, experiment with different types of prints to switch up your look!

1 // 2 // 3
Easy to take on and off for those moments when you want to just sink your feet in the warm sand or dip your toes in the ocean. Those are also great for walking around and keeping your feet cool! From plain to embellished, the designs are limitless.

1 // 2 // 3
Trade your heels for wedges this summer! Wedges give you more support so you can walk around longer without having sore feet after a long day.

1 // 2 // 3

Everyone needs a hat to shade themselves from the Sun's blazing rays. What better way to do it than a large oversized floppy one!

1 // 2 // 3

Of course, you can't forget those chic sunglasses to protect your eyes! There are lots of designs to choose from, but be sure to get one with high UV protection!

1 // 2 // 3
Finally, a bag to store ALL your items. Tote bags are great because they are bigger and can fill more things and be extra prepared

What are your summer fashion essentials? (:

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Media Rave Sunday #4

What I'm raving about this week:

Clarity - Zedd ft. Foxes
First heard this song when Sam Tsui covered it (He is amazing, must go check him out). This song is a great song (:
The Great Gatsby (2013)
Finally got a chance to watch this on the last day of school with my friends! I actually had to study the novel (by F.Scott Fitzgerald) for my IGCSEs last year - which was a pain analysing it - so it was interesting to see how they interpreted the story. It was rather exciting since after analysing it, I knew all the symbolic references and even remembered the prominent quotes! :D
I thought the casting was quite good. Daisy (Carey Mulligan), Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio), Tom, Myrtle and Nick Carraway was all how I imagined them to be! But I've always seen Wilson as being much older and Jordan with longer hair.
All in all, considering it was a portrayal of a classic 1920 novel, it kept as close to the story as possible, the music (although some were a bit out of place), costumes and setting were incredible. Highly recommend it!

A UK Blogger with amazing style, beauty tips and lifestyle posts! I enjoy scrolling through her blog whenever I'm bored!
P.S: Want to be featured as my blogosphere blogger? Click HERE
P.P.S: Linking up with Musical Mondays @  My So -Called Chaos
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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Summer Series #5: How to cure sunburns

Image source

(Side note: Sorry for not posting yesterday! Came home quite late as it was the last day of school and was so sleepy that I just crashed!)
The fifth post in the Summer Series! To see the others, go HERE (under 'Summer 2013 Series')
You might be having a great time at the beach, or out sight seeing in the streets this summer. At the end of the day, the last thing you want to do is worry about painful, sore, red sunburns as a result for not enough sunscreen or over-exposed skin! They're not the most comfortable or prettiest looking thing in the world. So here are some tips to help soothe the pain - just in case: 
1. Have a cool bath or gentle shower OR use an ice pack
In order to soothe the burn

2. Apply aloe vera
It reduces inflammation and leaves a soothing feeling

3. Moisturize
After a cold shower or bath, put on either moisturizing cream or lotion to soothe the skin. Repeat to make peeling and flaking less noticeable.

4. Hydrate yourself
Burns draw fluids away from the rest of the body, so drink water, juice or sports drinks!

5. Yogurt
Spread yogurt (preferably full-fat, plain and unsweetened) on the burned area. Leave it on the skin until it gets warm and then rinse it off.

6. Apple cider vinegar
Place it in a spray bottle and store it in the fridge before spraying in on the burned area.

7. Potato peels
Sounds weird? It's actually an old remedy for sunburns! It contains moisture and anti-bacterial properties that helps with the healing process

8. Cucumber
Either apply thin slices of cold cucumber directly or puree a peeled cucumber and rub it on the affected area. This one gives a cooling sensation!

9. Cold milk
Soak a clean cloth in a bowl with equal parts of milk, ice cubes and water. Compress it on the sunburn for about 5 minutes. Repeat three times.
The fat, protein and pH of the milk has a soothing anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and the coldness constricts blood vessels and reduces swelling

- Use soap, bath oils or other detergents when taking a bath or showering. These products will irritate the skin and make the sunburn effects worse
- Scrub, pick or peel your skin
- Break blisters

So here are some natural remedies for sunburns in case you're away on holiday!
P.S: All information gathered from various sources
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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Summer Series #4 // Hairstyles for the Sun

Image from the Internet
My fourth post in the Summer Series! To see the others, go HERE (under 'Summer 2013 Series')

Even though it's summer, it does not mean that you can only tie your hair up in a plain old ponytail or a normal bun to keep you feeling cool. There are tons of other hairstyles that you can rock. Here are my top 10:

Braided Ponytail

Image source

1. Make a deep side part and french braid a 3 inch piece of your hair on the fuller side
2. Continue down your head until you reach the bottom
3. Pull the rest of your hair in a low ponytail
4. Wrap a piece of hair around your elastic + secure with a bobby pin to hide it!

Boho Twists

Image source

1. Spray your hair with a bit of texturizer
2. Twist a piece of hair (you can make it as thin/thick as you wish) on either side of your head
3. Pin them back and... VOILA!

Summer Twists
Image source

I think that this one's a fun hairstyle to re-create and is more interesting then just boring let down hair!

1. Spray texturizing wax on damp hair and let them air dry
2. Take about a 2 inch section of your hair, split them into 2 and twist them around each other
3. Secure with an elastic
4. Twist as many as you wish!

Double braided Headband

Probably one of my favourite hairstyle yet!
Yes that's me - to see my tutorial (in words) go HERE

Ponytail Braids

Image source
Don't want a boring pony tail? Braid them after you've tied your hair in a ponytail!

Bundled Up

Not only do you get to change it up by wearing different headwraps/headbands each time, but this also keeps your hair out of your eyes (:

1. Pull hair to one side and braid (normal/fishtail) over your shoulder
2. Secure with an elastic band
3. Put a turban-style wrap or headband on your hair
3. Gently tug each side of the braid to loosen it for the effortless look

*If you have shorter hair, instead of braiding, wear hair in a side, loose ponytail instead*

Beachy Waves

Let your hair be air-dried naturally. Or wear your hair in a braid for a few days before letting it loose to get nice curls

Messy Bun

Perfect for those lazy days. A quick fix!

Waterfall braid

Whenever I wear my hair like this, I feel like a princess. Another favourite!
Basically you braid your hair, but drop a strand and pick up a new one as you go along (:
But that's a pretty lame instruction so you can find a tutorial here 

Braided Rose
Tutorial @

I love how dainty and feminine this look is! Very unique (:

All these looks make me want to play with my hair again! Which looks will you try this summer? (:

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Summer Series #3 // Work your body type: Swimwear

My third post in the Summer Series! To see the others, go HERE (under 'Summer 2013 Series')

Summer's approaching real fast which means it's time to head to the beach/pool and break out them swimwear. Most people are under the illusion that any great body will look good in any bikini. However, even the best of bodies wearing the wrong swimwear could be extremely unflattering. Swimwear comes in loads of styles and patterns there will be one that suits your body type - bandeau, tankini, monokini, halter top, triangle... So it's a good thing to spend a little time in understanding your body shape and invest in swimwear that flatters you. No two person has the same body shape, but everyone can look a million dollars. If you've got it, flaunt it ;)

(L-R): Tangerine Rose Bikini (Topshop) // Snake Print Balconette Bikini (Matalan) //
Watercolor Halter Bikini (Forever 21)

If you're athletic:
- Focus on feminine cuts & details
- Show off your toned lower half with embellished and printed bottoms 

AVOID: strapless bandeaus; boy cut briefs; shapeless tanks

(L-R): Navy Bikini (Topshop) // One Shoulder Monokini (Forever 21) //
L*Space Knotted Fringe Dolly Bandeau Bikini (Sundance Beach)

If you are straight:
- Fake some curves OR take advantage of the fact that you have nothing to hide
- Enhance chest and butt with ruffles, gathering or padding
- Exaggerate the apperance of a fuller chest with ruffles, frills and fringes
- Flaunt your straight silhouette in an itty-bitty string bikini
- Opt for cut outs & prints
- Horizontal stripes break up long lines
- Look for bikinis with adjustable straps, padding or underwire

AVOID: Sporty bottoms & plain bandeau tops

(L-R): Navy Spot Underwired Tankini Set (Fashion Union) //  Orange Halter Padded Stud Bikini Set (Lingadore) //  Striped Tankini Set (Fashion Union)
If you are pear shape
- Opt for higher cut bottoms
- A tankini will lengthen you
- String style bottoms will  bare plenty of thigh
- Draw the eye up with molded cups, halter straps or cleavage detailing

AVOID: loud prints on your lower half + bikini boy shorts as they will cut off your thighs at the wrong places

(L-R): Biba Goddess Bikini (House of Fraser) // Enchanted Bandeau Top (Betsey Johnson) //
Navy drape push up halter bikini (River Island)

If you have an hourglass figure:
- Opt for a solid or small print that won't distort your proportions
- Look for an underwire, balconette or halter style top for support
- Look for styles that are banded around the midrif and can be tied back, around the neck and has wide shoulder straps
- Unless you have features you want to exhibit, stay away from anything with a shifty string top or bottom

AVOID: String bottoms or tops (unless you have features you want to exhibit); bandeau style tops (offers no support & could flatten chest)

(L-R): Walter Mio ruched bandeau (Norma Kamali) // Rococo Rose Vintage Maillot Swimsuit (Seafolly) //
 Tulle bandeau tank (JCrew)

If you're apple shaped/self conscious about your tummy:
- One piece suits with a cinched waist create an hourglass shape
- Belted waistline give a appearance of a smaller middle
- Try empire waist or colour block swim suits
- Ruching helps to eliminate bulges

(L-R): Green Hawaiian Print (River Island) // Mara Hoffman Medicine Wheel Ruched (Madewell) //
Giejo Floral bikini (Madewell)

If you are petite/have shorter legs:
- Ditch the plain and boring, go for exciting prints & graphics
- A high cut bikini will elongate your legs

There you have it, the perfect swimwear for YOU (: Which one will you get?
Don't know what kind of body shape you have? CLICK HERE
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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Summer Series #2 // Melt Proof Makeup Tips

(Image from the World Wide Web)

My second post of the Summer Series! To see the others, go HERE (it's under 'Summer 2013 Series')
It's summer! Which means more sun, more heat and more fun at the beach! When putting on makeup in this weather, the fail-proof method is to use melt-proof makeup. Whether you're out and about, sunbathing or frolicking in the ocean, no one wants shiny faces and panda eyes at the end of the day! So here are some tips:


- Lighten the load: Just like how you would switch to sandals and flowy dresses, lighten up your makeup. Swap foundation for tinted moisturizer as they’re less likely to turn cakey and feel lighter. Brush powder foundation over the tinted moisturizer if you have to for added coverage

- It's prime time: Use a silicon-based primer before applying foundation. Silicone is a key ingredient in most long lasting formulas which means it acts as a barrier between heat and skin and thus, will keep face makeup from melting off.

- Go cream: They’re less likely to cake up and gives you a light, natural glow.. Sweat mixed with powder won’t make a pretty picture! Eek!

- Bronze away: Bronzers makes your eyes look brighter and teeth whiter. Apply it where the sun naturally hits your face– forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose

- Don't forget to blot!: To eliminate shine from your T-zone


- Prime...again!: Your eyes need to be primed too! This is so your eye makeup won’t melt. Don’t forget to dab some on your bottom lid if you’re using bottom liner and shadow. It also minimizes creasing. Begone panda eyes.

- Skip the liner: It melts and drip which is never a good look on anyone. But if you insist...

- LiquefyWax in pencil liners are most likely to melt so use liquid liner instead!

- Crystal clearUse waterproof mascara (of course), but if it’s too drying for you, swipe a coat of clear mascara on top of normal mascara instead.

- Everlasting shadow: Use long lasting cream shadow


- Scrub-a-dub-dub: Exfoliate them lips to give your lip product a smoother base. You can use a soft toothbrush or a basic lip scrub.

- Bye bye lip gloss: Skip the sticky lip gloss which will slide right off! Use lip stain or tinted lip balm instead.

- Switch thick for thin: No one wants their lips to feel heavy in the heat. So opt for clear tinted balm.

Hope these will help you enjoy your summer! Who says you can't look good at the beach? (:

P.S: Linking back to Tip Tuesday Link Ups!

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Summer Series #1 // 15 tips for the ultimate summer

This week's my last week of school before...SUMMER! Wheeeeee! So to count-down (sort of), every post this week will be related to summer (:

I recently guest posted at the lovely Chloe @ Chloe's Way about the 15 tips for well, the ultimate summer (: So I thought I'd share it with my readers here! Do go check out Chloe's blog btw (:

1. Exercise: Worried that you're not in tip-top bikini shape? Start now! Grab a friend and get some form of exercise regularly- whether it's jogging, swimming, team sports or  fitness class, do something that YOU enjoy because it will make working out and toning up a lot more fun.

2. Less is more: Lighten your beauty routine and let your skin breathe - replace foundation and blush for a simple swipe of bronzer to make your skin glow

3. Try letting your hair succumb to their natural waves this summer

4. SPF 15 or more!: Lips lack a protective layer so they're super sensitive to UV rays! So put on that SPF 15 (at least) lip balm to keep your lips moisturized and safe

5. Avoid anything sticky: sand will stick to it and it will break down faster in the heat

6. Go au naturel with pinks, peachs, golds and bronze

7. Remember to pack waterproof items! Even if you're not swimming, you don't want the humidity to give you panda eyes.

8. SUNSCREEN! Apply it above the moisturizer and below makeup.

9. Don't forget to bring along oil blotting paper to wipe away the sweat & shine.

10. Mop your hairline after wearing a hat - oil can get trapped under your hat or headband and you don't want acne on your forehead!

11. Wear light, flowy clothes: Choose dresses and tops that are made out of lighter material like cotton. Avoid dark colours because they absorb heat and can make you sweat faster!

12. Skip powder and opt for cream: Face powder turns cakey when you sweat so apply cream-based items that blend easily into your skin

13. Sunburnt? Apply aloe vera extract or lotions containing aloe vera as that will soothe the burn and helps it to heal faster

14. Exofliate: Putting on self-tanner without exfoliating results in blotches and streaks

15.Stay hydrated! Carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go so you have no reason to forget!

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Review // Maybelline Color Sensational Moisturizing Lipstick in 'Plum Perfect' + 'Cosy Tangerine'

That is one long post title O.o

The normal tube lipstick which you have to twist to get more (:
I think there are only 4 different coloured packaging for the 4 different 'main' shades - pinks, reds, nudes, coral

Plum Perfect: 
The first one I got out of the two. When swatched it looked like a deep 'plum' but on my lips, it's sort of a bright fuschia with tinges of purple. I was a little disappointed since it wasn't the colour I anticipated and I don't really wear bright lip colours (yet). However, I find that this makes a good stain if you just lightly dab some on your lips (:

Cosy Tangerine: 
I was actually reluctant to get this because the name had 'tangerine' in it which made me think - bright orange! But thank goodness I opened up the tester because I really like this now! It's coral, but leans more towards the pink side (in my opinion). I love this because it's very similar to my natural lip colour and just gives it a flush of pink! A perfect natural. day lipstick (:

It's quite pigmented but of course, you can build up the intensity by putting more layers on. However, I have slightly pigmented bare lips so the colours may be slightly different depending on natural lip colour!
This lipstick lasted for about 3 hours before there was a need to re-apply.
Both shades have a teenie bit of shine/shimmer to it but it relatively opaque

It's quite creamy which makes it easy to apply as it just glides on to your lips. It's also quite moisturizing which means it won't dry out your lips!

Would I re-purchase it?
Yes I would! But perhaps in other shades. Right now, I'm eyeing Summer Sunset, Angel Rose and Toffee Cream!

Have you tried this product? What do you think?

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Media Rave Sunday #3

What I'm raving about this week:

The Other Side - Jason Derulo

Max Schneider and Keke Palmer made a cover of this song, I listened to it and really liked it! I especially love Jason Derulo's lyric video of it and it's so catchy :D

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone anyone? :P I'm a sucker for romantic comedies & this one did not disappoint! I will admit that I cried in some parts because... that's just me... but honestly, this is a must watch (:

17 years old from Nottingham, I always love reading her posts, her blog is amazing and I take some of my fashion inspiration from her! Must check it out! (:

P.S: I am linking up with Musical Mondays

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