Monday, 17 June 2013

Know your body shape

There are no doubts that everyone is beautiful, no matter what your body shape is. No 2 people are the same and you're always bound to love some parts of your body, but hate the others - I know I do. 
Unfortunately, in this world, there is no piece of clothing that is 'one item suits all'. Instead, we should all know what kind of shape our body is and cater to the good aspects to flatter them. If you've got it, flaunt it ;)
You can always split the different body shapes into MORE categories, but here are the basic ones:

Pear shaped

- Well defined waist
- Bust & shoulders proportionally narrower than hip-line
- Thighs (and maybe but) are round and full
- Narrow shoulders
- Short/full/muscular legs

Inverted Triangle

- Bust & shoulders proportionally wider than hips
- Strong looking shoulders
- Little to no waist definition
- May have slim legs
- May have flat butt
- Have a sport/athletic physique


- Bust & shoulders about the same width as hips
- Little to no waist definition


- Bust & shoulders same width as hips
- Defined waist


- Appearance of being round
- Slightly wide around waistline
- Little or no waist definition
- Hips & butt full and wide
- Slim limbs (arms)

But these are just your body shape. Together with the above, you can be:

- Petite (less than 163cm, like meeee)
- Tall
- Short torso + Long legs
- Long torso + Short legs
- Well balanced

For me, I am definitely petite & I think an inverted triangle since I have really wide shoulders compared to the rest of my body...
So which body shape are you? (:

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