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Review // Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Brow Kit in Medium-Dark

  This is my first and only brow product that I've ever own - would you believe that? So when I say that I strongly recommend this for those that are new to the 'eyebrows game' or just want something easy and fuss-free...I really mean it!

  Previously, I never really paid attention to my brows. Mainly because I've never learnt how to and every time I've tried (albeit once with a brown eyeliner because I believed them to have dual functions) I look absolutely ridiculous. Also, partly because I don't have that gorgeous natural arch that everyone seems to have and I've always deemed the brows to be an unnecessary step that just wastes more time - I mean, who even looks at your brows?

  But ever since Makeup Revolution came out with their Focus and Fix Brow Kit that only costs £2.50, I thought I would give it a go. Needless to say, I absolutely love it. Whilst I am no eyebrow expert and really only use it to fill in my brows (i.e the sparse areas) to make it more defined, it's a great simple starter kit. 


  The packaging of this eyebrow kit is really standard, yet quite compact so it's great for traveling! It's a sturdy black square palette with a big mirror inside. As it is marketed as a 'kit', it also includes a pair of tweezers and an eyebrow brush. I haven't really been using the tweezers much because well, I know next to nothing about them brows and will probably cause my damage. However, I have been using the brush daily. Although the handle is a tad short, that and the angled bristles helps with precision and fits inside the kit perfectly. 


  I chose the kit in the shade 'Medium-Dark' for obvious reasons (I've got dark hair) but the kit also comes in the shade 'Light-Mid'. Inside, you get 3 eyebrow powders and 1 eyebrow wax. I guess the idea is that you can mix and match the different shades or use them alone to get your desired colour. All 3 eyebrow powder shades lean very brown but to be very honest, the only shade I use is the one at the top right because it lets me achieve the most natural look - the bottom left shade had too much red tones in it and the top left was a bit too light. The powders are all great quality and with no fall-out whatsoever.

  One thing I do like about this palette is the wax. At the time of writing this blog post up, I have already hit pan on the wax alone. I find that with the wax, it gives a more tidier application with a more natural look and helps the powder stay on longer too. If I could purchase the wax on its own, I would.

  Also, you will get your money's worth with this because a little goes a long way. After using this daily for 4 months, I barely made a dent in the one and only shade I use.

Final Verdict

  Overall, I would recommend this eyebrow kit. Especially if you're like me and am absolutely clueless or am just starting out as you can go lightly first, and then gradually build up the intensity to make sure you won't mess up. The choice of 3 eyebrow shades are probably good enough for you to mix around and get your desired colour. And for the price tag of £2.50, you can't really beat it and will really get your money's worth. Now, I've incorporated this little thing in my daily makeup routine as I find that well shaped/groomed brows really does define your face and makes you look more put together. So even if you're in a rush, do shape your brows. And with this Makeup Revolution brow kit, it really couldn't be easier.

You can purchase this MUA brow kit at:

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