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LookBook // B is for Bohemian Pants (Part 2/2)

In my previous post HERE, I feature my printed 'bohemian' pants and showed you one way in which I styled it - comfy and casual for the airport/traveling. I will rave a little bit about those pants - they are incredibly comfy! The most comfiest and softest and lightest pants on earth!

Here's where to find some that are similar to mine:
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Most commonly known as harem pants, many people may have seen them as the type of pants for slouching around or for more casual days. Some people may not even dare wear them out! But this has all changed. Bohemian/Harem pants are slowly being worn by people for all sorts of occasions. The best part? They come in tons of different cuts, patterns, colours... and are super comfortable! A favourite of mine are these colourful tribal printed harem pants from eBay. Want!
They've been seen on the runway:
Image source

Image source
and even on celebrities:

Image source

I went collage crazy and created some LookBook creations to hopefully inspire you to wear this daring trend:

Harem Pants: Forever 21 // Cami top: Dorothy Perkins // Black cardigan: H&M // Sandals: Wolf&Badger // Bag: Roxy

I actually wore this look to the airport (HERE). It's incredibly slouchy but super comfy so it's perfect for slouching around during the weekends or for traveling! Pair it with cute beaded sandals and a bag that is just the right size to carry all your essentials and you're ready to board that plane (:

Harem Pants: Forever 21 // Tank top: Mango // Embellished Blazer: Dorothy Perkins // 
Boots: Jeffery Campbell //   Bag: Target // Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Much more polished and daring. Especially with those Jeffery Campbells! The studded white blazer pulls the look together and transforms it very casual to a more polished look. Grab an oversized black bag and match it with a black belt to cinch the waist and you're good to go (:
Harem Pants: Forever 21 // Blouse: H&M //  Belt: // Pumps: Michael Antonio //

Who says you can't wear harem pants to the office? Simply pair it with a conservative black blouse - a wardrobe essential - a pair of not-so-high heels, a belt to bring the whole look in and an envelope purse for your things. You can opt for a coloured one for a pop of colour amongst the neutrals.

3 Tips on wearing harem pants:

1. Your call: There are different cuts and styles so choose one that flatters you! If you're more on the petite side, choose one with a leaner cut so it won't drown you out!

2. Slim on top: Balance the bagginess of the pants with a more fitted top - whether it be a simple tank top or crop top.

3. Heels: Not only will it add height to your frame, but also slim down the leg with counteract the bagginess
How would you wear harem/bohemian pants?
Part 1 is HERE

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