Sunday, 8 February 2015

Belated Primark Haul

  During these past few months, I have been to numerous Primark stores all over the country... I kid you not...I've been to the one in Coventry, London, Middlesbrough, Edinburgh...but I didn't spend that much though. I'm the kind that is perfectly content with just perusing the rails and 'window shopping' However, I did get a couple of 'essentials' and things in the Primark sale. Yes, the only thing that is better than Primark itself - Primark sales.

  As seen above, I picked up quite a few pieces of jewellery. Most of them were only £1 or £1.50 (with the exception of the geometric triangular necklace on the far left which was 3...I loved it so much I needed it) and the packs of earrings were between £2 to £2.50. So not that pricey at all! I think that Primark has the best affordable jewellery range and I love the affordability of these too!

Thermal socks - £2.50

  Featured in my Winter Essentials post, I added 2 more pairs to my collection, bringing me to a grand total of 6 pairs. No, I do not have an obssession. 

Tartan Pajamas Pants - £3

  These were reduced to only £3!!!! So even though I didn't really need more pajama bottoms...I couldn't just leave these there! They had ones with different tartan shades and I was so tempted to get them all...

Burgundy Snood - £1

  Although I love my navy super chunky knit snood that was also from Primark, sometimes the whole 'taking up half of your face' look isn't the most attractive. So on days where it's not that cold and I just want to layer up, this burgundy snood does the job! It also goes well with a lot of things!

Fluffy Sweatshirt - £3

  This is my favourite item out of everything (okay, second favourite). I call this my teddy bear sweater because IT IS SO FLUFFY and warm and snuggly. It does make me look like a marshmallow though so I reserve this for indoors lounging purposes and particularly for when it gets chilly at night. 

Black high waisted denim shorts - £5

Another item that I love! It fits perfectly and the length is awesome, even on someone petite like me. 

Super cosy 300 Dernier tights: £3.50 // Harry Potter socks £3

  Do I really need to rave on more about these super cosy tights with fleecy lining that I literally live in throughout winter? These Harry Potter socks on the other hand was purchased purely out of my infinite love for Harry Potter. How could I call myself a Potterhead if I don't own those socks? 

Pudding knit leggings - £5

  I'm actually really glad I didn't get them when they were £10...although I was really tempted to, and on numerous occasions as well! They are adorable and comfy to just wear around the house!

Super Cosy Knee High socks - £2.50

  I was inspired by Pinterest and the multitude of people rocking the 'knee high' socks trend that I wanted to give them a go! I've only tried them on indoors once and they haven't made their outdoors debut yet...but when they do, I'll be sure to let you guys know!

I haven't been to a Primark in the past month...but I think a trip is in order! Have you found any Primark bargains lately?

P.S: I would like to mention that I will be jumping off a plane at the end of June in order to raise money for Dementia UK - a charity that helps support those that are affected by this progressive disease as well as their loved ones during this emotional journey. My target is £395 and would love it if you guys could support me and donate! No matter how big/small the amount, all will be greatly appreciated. You can find out more & donate HERE

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