Monday, 16 February 2015

Blogger Style Inspiration #1

  I'm thinking about starting this new feature on my blog that will occur every 2 weeks because sometimes, I come across an outfit on my blogroll that I just have to share. I get my 'style inspiration' from various places, Pinterest, magazines, Instagram...but most of all, from the lovely #fbloggers I follow! I'm currently finding it so hard to narrow it down to just 5 are my recent favourites...

  I think that this is just the perfect combination of casual and classy. The sparkly skirt dresses up the oversized navy coat, making it look more casual than party-like.

  I absolutely love Jules' casual, laid back style! And this is no exception. I adore that tribal bohemian-esque dress and so wish that I can rock knee high boots and oversized cardigans like she does!

  What stood out to me most is the pairing of the burgundy and navy blue - they compliment each other so well! I love the tailored, clean cut fit of the coat and the layering of the white blouse under the navy dress. Kinda reminds me of something Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars would wear! Absolutely gorgeous :') 

  Who says celebrities can't have a fashion blog? I've loved Jamie Chung's style in the magazines and on the red carpet, and I love her style on her blog even more. Denim shirt, embellished skirt, chunky boots and a tailored black coat is the perfect combination for when you want to look casual yet put together. Love thissss!

  To be honest, I could probably dedicate a whole post for Luanna's outfits because I love her style. So far, this one stood out because of the exquisite layering that's going on. I've always wanted to incorporate a bit of mustard in my wardrobe and she paired it perfectly with the polka dotted print, white blouse and black accents.

Which one of these are your favourites?

P.S: I would like to mention that I will be jumping off a plane at the end of June in order to raise money for Dementia UK - a charity that helps support those that are affected by this progressive disease as well as their loved ones during this emotional journey. My target is £395 and would love it if you guys could support me and donate! No matter how big/small the amount, all will be greatly appreciated. You can find out more & donate HERE

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