Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Surviving Winter: Essentials

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful and the fire radiator is so delightful..." 
Yes, I am aware that it's been well over a month since Christmas...but with this weather, I do find myself singing them festive songs. A couple of days ago, I shared the only 3 coats I needed for surviving winter (I know, can't believe I narrowed it down so much) and now, because I have the lowest tolerance of the cold, here are some things that I absolutely can't live without when the temperatures drops to the minuses or I will freeze my butt off...

1. Boots- New Look
As you can see from the state of those boots, they are pretty worn...which makes sense cause I literally wear them everywhere. I love the design, they go with everything and they're super comfy - perfect for walking to my lectures around campus. I've even loved them so much that when the front section was splitting, I glued them with shoe-glue. So yea...I'll be trying to preserve these for as long as I can.

2. Fluffy slippers - Tesco F&F
I can't rave enough about these. I use them around my bedroom and flat and I am not kidding when I say it feels like you're walking on pillows/clouds. So so so comfy. Surprisingly, they also keep my feet warm and toasty - sometimes so warm that I have to take them off to let my feet cool! Everyone needs a pair of these.

3. Fluffly socks - New Look
Since I can't wear my slippers to bed, these socks are another essential because I hate cold feet.. Fun fact: I always manage to lose a single sock when I sleep...and it's always the right one.

4. Thermal Socks - Primark
Yes, another pair of socks...I just find them a winter essential and you just need so many different ones. I included these in my 5 senses: January post but I do think that these especially are a must. They're cheap, £2.50 for two pairs and I've got 6 pairs. I wear them everyday underneath my tights. Not only do they give me feet some cushioning when I walk everyday, but most importantly, they keep them warm. 

5. Super Cosy 300 Dernier Tights with Fleece Lining - Primark
I am not exaggerating when I say that I live in these because I really do. Because I hate wearing tights under my jeans (they just feel so odd and uncomfortable) my trick is to wear 2 layers of tights so my legs won't freeze. That being said, I often opt to wear skirts and dresses just so I can layer up. They are £3.50 a pair, the fleece lining really helps and if you're like me, you'll get tons of wear out of these.

6. Chunky knit snood - Primark
I've featured this on my blog in my 5 senses: December post and it's no secret why I love it. Takes up half my face keeps my neck nice and warm!

7. Thermal Long Sleeve Top - Kathmandu (£27.99)
Everyone needs one of these because they are the gem of layering. It's thin, but somehow keeps your body nice and warm and you can layer it very easily under jumpers/sweaters and no one will even notice a thing!

8. I love...Mango & Papaya Body Butter - Superdrug (£1.45)
Have I raved about these enough? You guys are probably sick of seeing this in every post now :P But there is good reason for that, I promise! One of my favourite scents of all time, a fraction of the price of the ones from The Body Shop and it's always good to moisturize that dry skin.

9. Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy Vaseline - Poundland
Another small pot of goodness that has been making multiple appearances on this space of mine. If you haven't heard/read it enough though, you gotta get yourself one of these. Smells absolutely delicious and unchaps my chapped lips and all you have to spend is one shiny golden pound coin. Alternatively, you can buy it at SuperdrugBootsTesco and Wilko's

As this is my first time experiencing such cold temperatures, I'm all about the warmth. What are your winter essentials to keep you cosy?

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