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Valentine's Gift Guide for Him/Her: Against Commercialised Norm

With Valentine's Day coming up in about a week, you might be stuck as to what to give your significant other. I know I am. After being together for a couple of years, what do you do when it seems as if you've given them everything known to mankind? That's where creativity comes in... 
  I think it's safe to say that Valentine's Day is fast becoming a commercialised event. I mean, how many cheesy store bought cards, boxes of chocolate, teddy bears or flowers does one really need? (Of course, I wouldn't say no to them!) Enough of the cliche gifts that you can give to literally anyone on the streets, it's time to think outside the box! Personally, I love handmade gifts because not only can you write what you really want on them, they are just a whole lot more authentic and it's awesome knowing that time and effort has been spent. Of course, I am fully aware that not everyone has loads of time on their hands so I have scoured the wonders of online shopping and compiled a gift guide that goes against the commercialised norm that I hope will either spark some creativity or can be personalised specially for only your special someone.
1. Lingerie - Boux Avenue 

Okay, so this doesn't have much to do with creativity, but can you really beat a luxurious lingerie set on special day from that special someone? Whether you fancy a personal treat or as a gift for someone, this will tick the boxes! Boux Avenue has an entire range dedicated to Valentine's Day at a reasonable price - but if you're not too keen on that, check out Ann Summer's Valentine's Day range too! There's something for everyone ;)
2. Personalized jewellery - Etsy or Not On The High Street

This really should be number #1 because you honestly can't go wrong with jewellery because each piece is unique. Especially if it's personalized. Engrave your initials, anniversary date or even an inside joke - the possibilities are endless. For a more masculine version for guys, the 'dog tags' design would be a good place to start. The one in the collage above comes from this Etsy seller but and just Etsy in general are great places to hunt for handmade, personalised and unique items.
3. USB mix tape -

A blast from the past. Remember the days of mix CDs and tapes? Where you can give your 'crush' a carefully curated playlist or maybe made one especially for roadtrips? For someone that is technologically clueless (like me), for just £14.95, allows you to choose 900 minutes of music to put onto a USB stick, which they will then put inside a tape style gift pack. Inside, you can write your own playlist and messages! An awesome present for those music lovers.

4. Polabox - PrintKlub

Another great idea to start those creativity buds, and especially good if you've stored up tons of photos or have recently been traveling together! The concept behind this is, you can choose your favourite photos on Instagram or your camera roll and then they will print it out on high quality uber special photo paper and put it in an adorable box, ready to be gifted! Of course, you can opt to have this in magnet form, a larger poster style or turned into a photo book...but my absolute favourite is this photobooth style!
5. Pillow case - Culture Label

This may seem rather odd, but I find it adorable. I love the cute sayings - they aren't that cringe-worthy, promise! - and I think it's a great idea for room decoration. Also, just imagine snuggling up with this pillow when you're heading to bed or relaxing on the couch.
6. Sharpie mug - DIY
Last but not least...a sharpie mug. Yes, there is no link above because YOU can exercise your artistic talent and do this yourself! After all, nothing says personalised than something that is handmade and hand-drawn by youuuu! Also, this ensures that you're the first thing on their mind when they have their daily morning cuppa. Best part? It's seriously simple. All you need is a white mug - I got mine at Tesco - and oil-based sharpies. Amazon and eBay are good places to get these! For a more comprehensive guide, check out A Beautiful Mess (collage picture credits goes to her) and for tips on achieving the best results, this page has all you need to know. Perfect if you're on a budget! 
So there you have it. A gift guide that goes against the mainstream, commercialised norm. 
Who says Valentine's Day has to be soppy and cheesy? Which of those gifts above are your favourite?

P.S: I would like to mention that I will be jumping off a plane at the end of June in order to raise money for Dementia UK - a charity that helps support those that are affected by this progressive disease as well as their loved ones during this emotional journey. My target is £395 and would love it if you guys could support me and donate! No matter how big/small the amount, all will be greatly appreciated. You can find out more & donate HERE

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