Thursday, 20 March 2014

How To // Prevent Candle Tunneling

I've been loving scented candles lately but whenever I burn them for a tunnels. Which means that the outer rim of the candle is left wasted and unburned! Of course, you can get those fancy lids with holes in them, but if you want a quick and ridiculously cheap solution that only requires things around the house...this is for you!
I actually got this off my sister (so credits to her) but to those of you that have this problem, here's a solution to candle tunneling - that comes with a Pin-worthy image so you don't ever forget!

1. Get your tunneled candle
2. Find a piece of aluminium foil that is big enough to cover the top of your candle
3. Cover the candle with the aluminium foil - since aluminium is extremely malleable, it can be moulded to fit it perfectly
4. Using a pen knife or a sharp object, carve out a medium sized circle in the centre - doesn't have to be perfect
5. Light your candle and place your makeshift lid over the top and watch it burn
6. And... voila! You get a flat candle surface = more burn time!

*Please note that effects aren't immediate, the surface will gradually even out the longer you burn your candle! 

A little bit of science

The aluminium foil traps the heat around the edges where it covers and thus, the wax melts evenly instead of just around the wick. 

See, how quick, simple and cheap is that?! Hope you found it useful!

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