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4 Tips in Selecting a Proper Fitting Bandage Dress

Since the invention of bandage dresses by designer Hervé Léger in 1985, they have been very popular with celebrities for many years. Such figure hugging dresses are excellent for figure shaping, as well as accentuating a well-endowed body. Basically, the name bandage dress comes from the fact that it is made up of layers of elastic fabric, specially woven around similar to a bandage. The true value in these dresses is in their ability to hold in unsightly bulges, hence giving you a well-toned and streamlined appearance. Moreover, it lifts up the bust, while straightening your back: the perfect recipe for that sleek elegant look. However, due to its tight-fitting aspect, you must be extra careful in selecting the right fit. This means that your chosen dress should neither be too tight nor too lose.

Go Down a Size

Bandage dresses are designed to mold into your body shape. Therefore, the right choice is a size smaller – not two sizes smaller or a size bigger. If you select too small a size, the dress might be too uncomfortable to walk or sit in. A bigger size will definitely not work.

When putting on the dress, you should expect it to be a bit tight. However, a good fitting dress will soon feel comfortable as it adjusts to your body. If there is persistent discomfort, you should probably look for a bigger size.

The Right Shape

Bandage dresses come in various shapes and styles. Therefore, you should choose the shape that works for your body. This is especially so since the dress will fit in along every contour of your body. If the shape of your dress is different from your body, you are likely to experience discomfort. For instance, ladies who are bottom-heavy should choose a dress that gives ample allowance around the hip and pelvic region.

Try it Out

You can hardly judge bandage dresses just simply by looking. You must first try it on to see whether it fits or not. Try out various sizes to see how well you fit in them. While at it, check whether you feel any discomfort in any body part that the dress covers. Even if it fits you well while standing, it might not be so comfortable in a sitting position or while walking. Most importantly, you need to check whether there is any difficulty breathing with the dress on.

No Bulging Fat

You can hardly pull of that dazzling look with fat bulging out along the edges of a bandage dress. If there is any fat bulging out, you simply have to go for a bigger size. The most crucial areas to check are the bra straps and the underarms.
After selecting the perfect-fitting bandage dresses, the next logical step is accessorizing them. For your feet, you can put on gladiator sandals that have a similar bandage style aspect. A loose blazer will also give a contrasting compliment to the figure-hugging dress. Take note to avoid stockings, but instead opt for a good tan on your bare legs.

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