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Benefits of Having a Tote Fashion Bag Around Your Shoulder

The word tote, which means “to carry”, goes as far back as the 17th century but it was not associated with the world of fashion bags until the turn of the 20th century. Tote’s impact within the fashion circles was nonetheless minimal for nearly half a century as women started to embrace it more as an emblem of fashion and grace in 1940s. The bags can today be seen hanging from arms and shoulders of globally renowned women such as Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker, a fact that can be attributed to various factors of design elegance and environmental preservation.

Spacious Designs

These fashion bags are distinguishable by their relatively large sizes, parallel handles and lack of fasteners such as locks and zips. The high-end market version of tote bags is mostly made of leather and highly refined cotton, making them durable and strong enough for use in various occasions. You can for instance use the bag to carry your beauty accessories in addition to your mini laptop and a bit of your shopping without projecting an awkward image. Some of these bags have slots that are demarcated for the safe keeping of gadgets such as cell phones and PDAs to help you maintain high standards of self-organization.


Tote designer bags makes it possible for you to project a personalized image through customization processes. This makes the bags suitable for gifts as you can have your name tagged and images either printed or riveted on the bags using silver, gold or bronze plates. Customized tote bags are as well appropriate if you fancy collectors’ items and you also like having various colors to choose from whenever you step out to shop for a designer bag. You can for instance order cotton or leather tote bags with special metal and color decorations and pass down your family’s generations, stepping up their value.

Environmental Sensibility

Join the fight against environmental degradation in style and ambiance. According to Fast Company, an international business magazine, adopting the tote bags fashion trend helps in the reduction of the over 300 billion plastic bags used as wraps globally. The magazine notes that 90 percent of these are grocery wraps which are detrimental to soil structure and agricultural activities because of their non-biodegradable nature. Plastic wraps also reduce air quality when burnt making a woman who invested in a tote fashion bag more environmentally savvy, a quality that is rarely associated with other fashion bags.

Precautionary Measures

It is significant to obtain your tote bags from reputable online and brick and mortar stores to avoid counterfeit designs. This is because tote fashion bags are designed to eliminate fashion flaws associated with substandard bags such as poor stitching, lackluster labels, and low grade materials such as synthetic leather which may become soft and give funny smells when subjected to sunlight for too long. Having a tote bag on your arm or around your shoulder therefore saves you fashion disappointments that can break your image and render your shot at beauty and elegance fruitless. 

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