Thursday, 5 September 2013

Review // Baby Lips vs. EOS

I've finally got my hands on an EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm - thanks to my lovely friend! - that I've wanted for ages! 
So today I'm going to compare and review - what most may say - are the two most hyped lip balms in the blogosphere. EOS vs. Baby Lips. Let the games begin.



Possibly the cutest lip balm packaging I've seen. A lovely dome-egg shape. To open, you simply unscrew the lip and voila! To close, make sure the fingerprint indent aligns, and you hear a click! I love that it is such a unique shape so you will definitely be able to find it in your bag. However, due to its spherical shape, it could be quite bulky and not suitable to put in small clutches.

Baby Lips: 

The standard lip balm packaging with the iconic Baby Lips font along the sides - colours depend on the flavour (: You have to twist the bottom dial to get more product. This time of packaging is not that fancy, but ideal for everyday usage as it's slim and doesn't take up too much space. However, I've had my Baby Lips for quite a while now and have found that the bottom dial thing loosens! So if I put it in my pocket and take it out again, it will screw up by itself!

Scoreboard: EOS (1) - Baby Lips (0)



 I got the scent 'Summer Fruits' which is a blend of strawberry, blueberry and peach (although I'd say more peach) and it smells so yummy!

Baby Lips

: This is the scent 'Anti-oxidant Berry' and it smells exactly like berries! Overall, I'd say that the scent is stronger and more empowering than the EOS.

Scoreboard: EOS (2) - Baby Lips (1)

Making this a tie - i love them both.



"eos lip balm in Summer Fruit is 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, eos keeps your lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth."

I found the EOS harder to put on than the Baby Lips as it doesn't glide on as smoothly since the formula is not as creamy and it does just sit there. Sometimes, it feels like there's nothing on! However, if you're tlaking about smoothening and moisturizing, it does do that

Baby Lips

"Lips are instantly moisturised for up to 8 hours. 
• Contains active care ingredients, such as shea butter and centella. 
• Vitamin Complex delivering powerful anti-oxidants. 
• SPF 20 for protection against harmful UV rays. 
• After 4 weeks lips are deeply repaired, completely reborn. Guaranteed. "

Firstly, the 8 hour claim is definitely not true! This probably wears off after 3/4 hours of wear. I like that this has SPF for protection.  My lips are not super duper chapped so I can't comment much about the last claim, except that it does soften my lips. This formula is creamier than the EOS, leaves a thicker layer on your lips and leaves a subtle transparent glossy sheen.

Scoreboard: EOS (2) - Baby Lips (2)

Although  I love both formulas, I have to say that the Baby Lips one is just slightly better in my opinion!

Overall Verdict: 
I honestly can't say which I like better since both has its pros and cons (yes, I know this makes me a bad reviewer!) I've had Baby Lips for ages and own 4 myself (Cherry, Energizing Orange, Mango Pie) and love them, but the EOS is just as good in its own way. Both would work just fine as a lipstick/lip gloss base (:
However, the hype is wayyyy too big -they're just like any other lip balm!

Have you tried both? Which one (if any) do you like best?


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