Monday, 16 September 2013

A/W Wishlist Week #1 // Sweater Weather

Since it's A/W and in conjunction with the numerous fashion weeks going on, I've decided to make this week, 'A Week of A/W Wishlists' where I scour the world wide web for great finds to amp up your autumn/winter wardrobe (: 

First up, sweaters. They're the first thing that comes into my mind when I think of autumn/winter. So cozy and warm! Guess what guys, it's sweater weather! 

1. Ebay - £3.99

This is probably my favourite out of the bunch. It may not be considered a sweater as it's not woolly and maybe not keep you the warmest...but I love it! The mix of leather makes this very unique and can be worn on warmer days too. And at the price? It's hard to say no.

2. Ebay£6.99

The standard chunky knit sweater - but that doesn't mean it's boring. The best thing about knits is that you can wear it with anything - skirts, jeans...or even sweatpants when you're lazing around. Although I'm loving burgundy as a autumn/fall colour, the seller has loads more to choose from!

3. ASOS£38

What caught my eye was definitely the sleeves - it's floral! How can anyone not like that! I love the blend of colours and it's just something unique

4. River Island£22

I'm personally not a cat person, but this sweater is just purrrr-fect (haha, get the pun?)

5. Zalando£35

There's something about things with batman logo on them that makes me want to get them! Grey is a super versatile colour to have in your wardrobe and the batman symbol is kinda cool (Y)

6. Ebay£8.49

A more loosely knit sweater - definitely loving the more feminine pastel colours and as this is oversized, it's great to chuck on whenever for that casual look.

Which one's your favourite? What would you like to see next on the A/W Wishlist Week?

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